Heritage Festival 2019 Edmonton


Hello…. We are enjoying summer break at the moment, no school for Carla and Renan until end of this month…. This year summer break is special since Oma, Opa and Tia Sita are back in Canada, woohoo! Tia Sita is going to stay for only one more week, but Oma and Opa are going to stay here a bit longer, until end of August.

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Fun in the Snow

Hello everyone!

In winter, Carla and Renan enjoy playing outside in the snow. We usually go to a small hill close to our house. It’s a great place for sledding/tobogganing, and we just have to walk for around ten minutes to get there. Oh, there’s also a “natural slide”, an icy path on the hill that the kids love.

Check out this video….


Autumn Walk


It’s almost end of October, winter is coming soon… Only one or two more weeks left to enjoy the beautiful autumn season, before everything turns white with snow.

The best way to really enjoy autumn is going for a walk through the forest, of course! It feels amazing to walk on a path covered in fallen leaves, surrounded by trees and plants with vibrantly coloured leaves.

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