Have Fun With Kids in Calgary


Last week I had to go to Calgary for an appointment at US consulate. We decided to use this opportunity to explore the city with the kids.

We took an early morning bus from Edmonton. It wasn’t too early actually, 8.25 am, but we almost missed the bus! Luckily we made it with only one minute to go!

It was quite a nice journey. Beautiful sunny day… with a bit of snow along the way… I know, I know, it was just the beginning of Fall, but in this part of Canada, winter comes early I guess.


We arrived at around lunch time. After having lunch at a cafe in the bus station, we walked to our hotel in downtown Calgary. Carla and Renan stopped a few times along the way to play with snow. Again, this was early October!

After relaxing a bit in our hotel room, we went out for a walk around the downtown area. Carla and Renan enjoyed looking at the tall buidings!

We went to CORE Shopping centre for a snack and to play at the indoor playground. The kids had so much fun.

We had dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant, then went back to our hotel.

The next day, I had to leave the hotel early for my appointment and only went back to the hotel around noon, just in time for lunch, and then we went to the bus station to take the bus back to Edmonton.

So what did Carla, Renan and Papai do when I was at the consulate? Well, check this out…. It’s in Portuguese, but you don’t need to understand the language to see what’s going on in the video… Enjoy!

Until next time…..


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