Super Easy Ricotta Gnocchi Recipe

This is a super easy gnocchi recipe that even younger kids can make by themselves (except boiling the gnocchi, of course). It’s quick to make, no measuring needed, and it’s yummy!


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Durian…. Glorious Durian….


Hello everyone, we are on a holiday in Malang, Mamae’s hometown at the moment…. For the past four days, we’ve been relaxing, having fun, and…. eating like crazy! Indonesian food is really the best…. Everytime we come to Indonesia, we’d eat out everyday….

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Super Easy No-Bake Biscuit Cake Recipe


Do your kids like cooking? Carla and Renan love cooking. Both can cook easy stuff like pancakes almost all by themselves. Carla usually helps me cut up vegetables for soup, and she also likes helping me making pasta sauce.

The other day we made gyoza (Japanese pan fried dumplings) from scratch, and the kids had so much fun kneading and playing with the dough to make gyoza skins. We made quite a mess but the dumplings were so tasty… Although perhaps not too clean since they kept dropping the dough on the floor 😛

Anyway, I’m not going to share our gyoza recipe today, but a much easier cake recipe that young kids can make 100% by themselves.

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