Autumn Walk


It’s almost end of October, winter is coming soon… Only one or two more weeks left to enjoy the beautiful autumn season, before everything turns white with snow.

The best way to really enjoy autumn is going for a walk through the forest, of course! It feels amazing to walk on a path covered in fallen leaves, surrounded by trees and plants with vibrantly coloured leaves.

There are two routes we like to follow for our autumn walks.

One is from University of Alberta to Kinsmen Park. We can walk through the forest, and then along the river all the way to the park, where a big playground is located.

This is University of Alberta. It’s also nice to walk around inside the university complex.

From university, we can cross the street and walk through the forest….

… until we get to a walking path next to the river.

That’s Edmonton city centre on the other side of the river….


From there, it usually takes us around forty minutes to one hour to reach Kinsmen Park.

Carla and Renan love the playground there!

The other route is close to Edmonton Zoo. It’s also beautiful!

There’s a field and a playground too…. The playground is quite small but nice.

Bye for now…..



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