Melbourne Museum, Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens


Melbourne Museum was a big hit with the kids. As I mentioned in a previous post, we went to the museum twice, and on both occasions stayed there from around 11 in the morning until the museum was about to close at 5 in the afternoon.

The museum has several main parts. On the ground level, there are Science and Life, Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Children’s Gallery. There is also an IMAX theatre, but we didn’t go there. On the upper level, there are Mind and Body Gallery and Melbourne Gallery. There are Evolution Gallery, Forest Gallery and Te Pasifika Gallery that occupy both ground and upper levels of the museum. Temporary exhibitions are usually held on the lower ground.

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Melbourne Town Hall Christmas Projections


We were actually just walking around in the area when the Christmas light projection show started, so we quickly took this video. It was spectacular, and Carla was really impressed. Too bad Renan was already asleep.

The Christmas light projection show is currently being shown on the Melbourne Town Hall every night until 25 December, from 9 pm to 11 pm. Each session lasts for around 5 minutes. If you are in Melbourne, we strongly recommend you watch this show.

Free Things to Do in Melbourne, Australia

Yay! We are going to Australia later on this month! Melbourne for 2 weeks, and Canberra for 2 days. My husband and I met while studying at Melbourne Uni in 2004, and I’ve only gone back there once in 2007 after I graduated in early 2006, so you can imagine how excited I am at the moment. Yay again!

My husband has been going back to Melbourne regularly for work, and this time is no exception. It means, for 2 weeks, during the weekdays it will be mostly Mamae and the kids exploring the city.

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