Fun in the Snow

Hello everyone!

In winter, Carla and Renan enjoy playing outside in the snow. We usually go to a small hill close to our house. It’s a great place for sledding/tobogganing, and we just have to walk for around ten minutes to get there. Oh, there’s also a “natural slide”, an icy path on the hill that the kids love.

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Our First Halloween in Canada

Yesterday we celebrated our first Halloween in Canada. Halloween is a big event here, so we were all very excited!

Carla and Renan dressed up as Herobrine, a character from their favourite game Minecraft.


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Hi everyone!


We are a family with two kids under 5 who are based in Singapore. Like any other family, we enjoy spending time together and having fun! Singapore is quite an expensive place to live, but we always find ways to have fun without spending a lot of money.

In this blog we are going to write ideas about activities to enjoy with kids, reviews of places and products, and just about anything we feel like writing about family life. Since we are based in Singapore, we are going to write a lot about places or activities in Singapore, but we are also going to write about other places too.

If you are like us, you want to have fun with your kids but want to save some money, then do follow us and hopefully you’ll find this blog helpful!

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