Fun in the Snow

Hello everyone!

In winter, Carla and Renan enjoy playing outside in the snow. We usually go to a small hill close to our house. It’s a great place for sledding/tobogganing, and we just have to walk for around ten minutes to get there. Oh, there’s also a “natural slide”, an icy path on the hill that the kids love.

Check out this video….



Oma, Opa and Tia Sita in Canada


It’s already almost end of the year, time is really flying! In around one month, Carla and Renan are going to have their winter holiday. Seems like only yesterday we had our summer holiday. Summer holiday was a lot of fun, especially since Oma, Opa and Tia Sita came here to visit us in August.

We did a lot of fun things while they were here.

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Thank You and Goodbye, Singapore!


After almost ten years in Singapore, it’s finally time to say goodbye. We are really excited about our new life in the new country, but at the same time a bit sad too…. Singapore was our beloved home…. We came there with nothing, just the two of us…. Then we found jobs, got married, started a family…. everything happened in Singapore. So many memories….

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Our Holiday in Brazil


Hi everyone, we are back in Singapore after spending a month in Brazil. We had a nice, relaxing holiday there. It was great to catch up with nonna, nonno, all the tias and tios, and to see Carla and Renan’s baby cousin Elisa.

We didn’t really go to many places in Brazil. We mainly stayed with nonna and nonno at their farm in Garibaldi and spent a few days in Porto Alegre.

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School Performance November 2015

Another year went by, and suddenly it was time for Carla and Renan’s end of year school concert. This year it was even more special since Carla had her graduation ceremony too. Bittersweet moments for us, our little girl is not really that little anymore!

Here are some pictures from the concert. Carla and Renan did very well. So proud of them!

Studio_20151115_093033  DSC07059

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