Funny Things Kids Say….


Kids can say the funniest things…. Here are some of the funny things my kids have said. FYI, Carla is 4, Renan is 2.


Carla: Look Mae, I can write your name! M-A-M-A-E!

Mamae: Wow, great Carla, but isn’t my name Citra?

Carla: That’s your other name! I used your REAL NAME!

Mamae: Renan, let’s go to sleep!

Renan: Wait, wait! I NEED to play!


Carla: Wow, Mae, do you know that you can make ewecticity (electricity) from hot water?

Mamae: Yes, amazing isn’t it?

Carla: Yeah… But, does it mean if I drink too much hot water I can get ewectotoopid (electrocuted)?


Carla: I want cheese bread!

Renan: I want cheese bread!

Carla: I want donut then! Donuts are yummy!

Renan: *???* I want… Totonut (coconut)! Totonut mummy!


Carla: Mamae!

Renan: Mamae!

Carla: Carla!

Renan: Carla!

Carla: Stop it!

Renan : Stop it!

Carla: Poo on Renan’s head!

Renan: On Renan’s head!

Carla: No! Poo on Renan’s head!

Renan: No! On Renan’s head!

Carla: Renan eats poo!

Renan: Taia ( Carla) eats poo!



Mamae: Renan, wake up!

Renan: No, no, I want more!

Mamae: What do you want?

Renan: More ‘eep (sleep)!


Renan: Mamae, what are you doing?

Mamae: Cooking. I’m cooking duck for dinner.

Renan: No, no! No duck, cook CHOCOLATE!


Feel free to share your stories!


15 thoughts on “Funny Things Kids Say….

    • Thanks Indah…. You should write their funny conversations in your blog! Or have you? I just visited your blog, and I read the letter you wrote for your son. Very beautiful and touching. Too bad I couldn’t leave a comment, not sure why.

  1. karena nggak ngerti bahasa jawa jadi aku baca disini x))
    eh komen pake bahasa indonesia boleh kan Mbak? x)
    btw kayaknya seru gitu puna anak dua yang umurnya deketan. those Carla and Renan’s conversation are hilariously funny x)))

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