Funny Things Kids Say… Part 2


A few months ago I wrote Funny Things Kids Say.

Now it’s time for part 2! Enjoy….

Carla and Mamae were playing tic tac toe.

Carla: Again?! We just can’t win!

Mamae: It’s because we are both really smart. We just block each other.

Carla: No, I think if nobody can win, it means we are both stupid!


Mamae: Renan! What did you put in my guitar? How many times have I told you not to put anything in my guitar?!

Carla: Not often enough! See? He doesn’t remember….


Renan: I want chocolate, please.

Mamae: No.

Renan: You should say yes.


Renan: My tummy is aiiiii ( I’m having a tummyache)

Mamae: Oh no, do you want a tummy massage?

Renan: No, just kiss me!


Renan: *crying* I fell… My foot is aiiii….

Mamae: Poor Renan, come, let me kiss you.

Renan: It’s ok, I can kiss myself.


At Bukit Batok Park. Papai was taking photos of leaves.

Carla: Why are you taking photos of leaves? You’ll get ZERO LIKE! (Yes, we are on facebook!)


Carla and Renan were taking a bath together.

Carla: Mamae, I want to get out, I need to pee!

Renan: Just pee here, Taia!

Carla: You can’t pee in the bath, Renan!

Renan: ….

Carla: ?! Renan! Did you pee in the bath?

Renan: Yes.



Carla and Mamae were playing hoolahoop.

Mamae: This is so tough! You can do it much better!

Carla: Don’t worry Mae, when Renan and I are big you can go to a hoolahoop school to learn to play hoolahoop!

Mamae: Why do I have to wait until you and Renan are big?

Carla: Well, you can’t just go now, you know you just have to stay here and take care of us!


Renan: Mamae, I want a baby brother!

Carla: Renan, you ARE a baby brother….


Carla was teaching Renan how to count.

Carla: …. Twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty!

Renan: No Taia, twenty-ten!

Carla: What?! No, thirty!

Renan: No, no, twenty-ten! Look Taia… seven, eight, nine, ten! Ten… Twenty-ten!



That’s all for now, stay tuned for part 3….











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