Our First Halloween in Canada

Yesterday we celebrated our first Halloween in Canada. Halloween is a big event here, so we were all very excited!

Carla and Renan dressed up as Herobrine, a character from their favourite game Minecraft.


They were so proud of their DIY costumes. The Herobrine masks were made by Papai with some help from them, while the TNT bags were made almost entirely by Carla and Renan, with just a liiitle help from Mamae. Well done, kids!

The fun started at school, with a party, lots of fun games, snacks and treats, and a parade. I spent the day at school, but forgot to take my camera, boohoo 😦

In the evening, after dinner, we started to get people knocking on our door. Trick or treat! Carla and Renan waited in front of the door with a big bag of candy.

At around 7, we went out to go trick or treating all the way to a nearby park to watch fireworks. It was dark and cold, 0Β°C… but there were so many people outside. Everyone was having fun! The fireworks were spectacular….

When the fireworks were over, we just ran home since we started to feel really cold. We had to warm ourselves with a bowl of hot soup and a cup of hot chocolate.

We really enjoyed Halloween….


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