Durian…. Glorious Durian….


Hello everyone, we are on a holiday in Malang, Mamae’s hometown at the moment…. For the past four days, we’ve been relaxing, having fun, and…. eating like crazy! Indonesian food is really the best…. Everytime we come to Indonesia, we’d eat out everyday….

So, for the past four days, we’ve had cwie mie (Chinese Indonesian noodles with minced chicken and dumplings), dim sums (yeah, they are everywhere in Singapore, but these Indonesian dim sums are REALLY good), fried duck, beef satays…. For snacks, we’ve had kaastengels (Dutch-Indonesian cheese biscuits) and lots of durian pancakes…..

Papai, Mamae and Carla love durian pancakes. Renan is not really a fan, but Carla is crazy about them! She actually loves anything with durian…. durian cakes, durian ice cream, durian pancakes….

Here in Malang, we get our durian pancake fix from Raja Duren. Their pancakes are really good! Real durian flesh, lots of it, and a bit of cream, wrapped in a thin pancake skin. There are a lot of flavours….. but our favourites are plain durian and chocolate.

Today Carla ate both…..


… plus a cup of pure durian. Raja Duren sells all kinds of durian products, not just durian pancakes.



So, if you are a durian lover, and happen to be in Malang, you might want to visit Raja Duren stall on Jalan Kawi Atas…. They do delivery too…..



8 thoughts on “Durian…. Glorious Durian….

  1. gw gak kuat bgt nyium bau durian deh Cit, sok tau ya tapi beneran lgs eneg, sering digodain orang2 katanya gw gak tau makanan super enak di dunia ini ha ha ha ya abis gimana dong, emang ga tahan 🙂

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