Free Things to Do in Melbourne, Australia

Yay! We are going to Australia later on this month! Melbourne for 2 weeks, and Canberra for 2 days. My husband and I met while studying at Melbourne Uni in 2004, and I’ve only gone back there once in 2007 after I graduated in early 2006, so you can imagine how excited I am at the moment. Yay again!

My husband has been going back to Melbourne regularly for work, and this time is no exception. It means, for 2 weeks, during the weekdays it will be mostly Mamae and the kids exploring the city.

We have some ideas about places to go that are free or wouldn’t cost us a lot of money….  Melbourne MuseumRoyal Botanic Gardens, City LibraryState Library of Victoria, and NGV are definitely on our list.

We are going to spend some time at University of Melbourne too. The south lawn is a nice place to “kick a footy”.

And since Christmas is just around the corner, I think it’s a good idea to take the kids to see Myer Christmas Windows.

There are also the beaches, where we can go on the weekend with Papai too. We are thinking about Brighton Beach with its  colourful bathing boxes and St Kilda Beach.

So, any recommendation for places to go around Melbourne, that won’t break the bank?

11 thoughts on “Free Things to Do in Melbourne, Australia

    • Ah yes, Philip Island! How could I forget it? We might be able to do it during the weekend. I think the zoo is quite nice too but since we are only going to stay in Melbourne for 2 weeks, it’s unlikely we’ll go there. Thanks for your recommendation!

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    I haven’t spent that much time in Melbourne to have anything to add to this great list of free but fun thing to do in Melbourne that Citramanica has put together. But as I seem to regularly have readers from Australia, maybe one of you have some good tips to share?

  2. Hmmm…let me see…(and collect my memories :D..)….strolling around the banks of Yarra River is also niceee.. plenty to see, at least for me :D..was wondering whether Luna Park is still around..that will be a good place for fun …gosh,how I miss Melbourne….have fun deaaar…

  3. If you catch a train out to the Dandenongs, you can take a fun ride on the Puffing Billy Steam train ( We took a packed lunch and ate at some picnic tables right next to the station to save some moola, because the tickets are a bit pricey ($89 for family ticket). It’s a really beautiful way to see the area and you get a real sense of being out of the city. We caught the last train at the end of the day and the way the steam caught the dappled light through the trees was gorgeous.
    Nicole at is based in Melbourne and often has a school holidays ‘things to do’ post with well-priced/free activities and reviews on such. She has five kids so ticket prices add up!
    Hope you have great time. (:

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