Melbourne Museum, Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens


Melbourne Museum was a big hit with the kids. As I mentioned in a previous post, we went to the museum twice, and on both occasions stayed there from around 11 in the morning until the museum was about to close at 5 in the afternoon.

The museum has several main parts. On the ground level, there are Science and Life, Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Children’s Gallery. There is also an IMAX theatre, but we didn’t go there. On the upper level, there are Mind and Body Gallery and Melbourne Gallery. There are Evolution Gallery, Forest Gallery and Te Pasifika Gallery that occupy both ground and upper levels of the museum. Temporary exhibitions are usually held on the lower ground.

The Science and Life Gallery and Evolution Gallery were so much fun. Carla and Renan especially  enjoyed looking at skeletons of prehistoric animals. There is also a skeleton of a huge blue whale outside the entrance  of the Science and Life Gallery that the kids were fascinated with. They also liked looking at the colourful insects on display.

mm2  mm3

We walked around a bit in the Forest Gallery the first time we went to the museum, but it was raining, so we couldn’t really explore it. The second time, we managed to stay there a bit longer.


The kids had a blast in Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre. They couldn’t stop playing with the fun and educational interactive displays. Their favourite was playing the drums to a traditional aboriginal song.

image image

image  image

Te Pasifika Gallery, with its collection of watercraft objects from countries in the Pacific was nice too. The kids were quite impressed by the full size Solomon Islands war canoe hanging from the ceiling.


Carla and Renan enjoyed playing in the Children’s gallery, where they spent some time building Mesopotamian ziggurats, performing a puppet show, and just running around, rolling around on the floor as usual.


The Mind and Body Gallery was not really interesting for the kids, and indeed some of the displays and activities were not recommended for children. They enjoyed Melbourne Gallery, though. Their favourite was the Luna Park’s “moon seat”. Look at Carla sleeping on the moon!



Both times we went to the museum, we had lunch at the museum cafe. The food was good  but rather expensive.

Next to Melbourne Museum is the beautiful Carlton Gardens. Royal Exhibition Building that is one of the world’s oldest remaining exhibition pavilions is located there. Both the gardens and the building are World Heritage listed.


image  image

It costs $10 for adults to go to the museum, and free for children under 16. Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens are free.

For more information, click:

Melbourne Museum

Royal Exhibition Building

Carlton Gardens


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