Our Melbourne Trip


After spending 2 weeks in Melbourne, we are back in hot and humid Singapore…. It was the beginning of summer when we arrived in Melbourne, but it was very cold for almost the whole time we were there. We actually enjoyed the cold, so different from hot and humid Singapore….

Melbourne was great. We all enjoyed our stay there. The kids had so much fun. We never strayed too far from the city, though. My husband had to work most of the time, and it wasn’t that easy to go around with the kids without his help! There were so many things to see and do in the city anyway….

Melbourne Museum was a big hit with the kids. We had to go there twice. The first time we went there, we stayed from around 11 am to just before they closed at 5 pm and I literally had to drag them home kicking and screaming, so we came back after two days and spent the whole afternoon there again.

The kids also enjoyed State Library of Victoria. We actually went there almost everyday. The kids loved to read, draw and play inside, and they also loved to run around in front of the library, chasing birds.

We really enjoyed The Royal Botanic Gardens, Carlton Gardens, free city circle tram trips, walking along Yarra River from Southbank all the way to Rod Laver Arena, visits to Melbourne University….

We found a nice playground too, close to Federation Square, and Artplay, where we had a free arts and crafts session.

We went to St.Kilda beach and the kids had so much fun there making sandcastles, collecting shells and playing on the sand, although we couldn’t go in the water since it was freezing cold and windy (and it rained a few times too).

And since Christmas is coming, we had a chance to watch the spectacular Christmas light projections at the town hall, and also Myer Christmas window.

All in all it was a super fun trip for everyone. I’m going to write more about all of the places that I just mentioned before, so please stay tuned! Oh, by the way… I managed to see my favourite band, Muse, perform live in Rod Laver Arena! That was the highlight of the trip for me!


5 thoughts on “Our Melbourne Trip

  1. seru banget.. hmm iya tuh bener juga.. bs bayangin.. trip dengan anak2 tanpa bantuan suami rempongnya minta ampun hihihi.. tp so far enjoy banget ya mbak, apalagi ada muse segalaa… ditunggu foto2 dan cerita berikutnya hihihihi…

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