Hawrelak Park


It was a hot sunny day last Saturday, so we wanted to spend the day at the park. We decided to go to Hawrelak Park, since it was not too far.

The park is located in Edmonton’s River Valley, next to the North Saskatchewan River, really close to the University of Alberta. We took the bus and LRT to University station and then walked to the park.

We saw a lot of geese in the park…

… and some ducks too. So cute!


There’s an artificial lake in the park. In winter, it’s used as a skating rink, while in spring and summer you can rent a paddleboat to use on the lake.

Papai, Carla and Renan really enjoyed the paddleboat ride. So much fun!

What a beautiful place…. It was nice to just sit there on the grass, enjoying the view.

The park is really big. It has walking and hiking trails which are also used for cross-country skiing in winter. There are picnic sites too with fire pits.

Hawrelak Park hosts a number of events all year long. Indeed, The Heritage Amphitheatre, western Canada’s largest outdoor amphitheatre, is also located in the park.

That’s all for now!



2 thoughts on “Hawrelak Park

  1. Wow a lake for ice skating rink in the winter. It must be very cold there so the lake become frozen and the ice layer is so strong that people can do ice skating on it

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