Science Centre Singapore Part 2

science1As promised, here is Science Centre Singapore Part 2….

We went to Science Centre last Wednesday. It was nice to go there during the week. Only few people were there.

We arrived around 2 pm. The kids were playing with the exhibits in the Mind’s Eye exhibition, when one of the staff asked us if we’d like to see the Fire Tornado demonstration. Fire Tornado? What’s that? We decided to go and have a look….

The Fire Tornado demonstration is part of the Fire exhibition.

The Fire Exhibition tells us all about fire. It explains about how we use fire, from cooking and ceramic making, to providing mechanical work in engines and even in warfare.

science6  science9

…And this is the Fire Tornado. It was amazing to see that whirling vortex of flame. We could really feel the heat too….

science7  science8

Besides Fire Tornado, there are some other interesting shows and demonstrations. You can see the schedule here.


Quirky exhibition is about strange ideas that might be useful, might solve a problem… or create even more problems? Have a look at these photos….

This might be handy when you are having a runny nose… but where can you throw away the used paper? Maybe it should come with a small bin that can be attached on your wrist like a bracelet or on your neck like a necklace?


This one is brilliant! Why didn’t I think of it when the kids were babies? 😛 It might be considered child labour, though….


Next, we went to the Invent! exhibition. Here, you can learn about why people have the need to invent. The exhibition has four themes: Inventions Everywhere!, Tinker!, Inventors Spotlight!, and Reflect! Most of the exhibits there are hands-on and fun for kids.


One of the stories about inventing process is the Photography exhibit. Here, you can learn about how photography was invented and how we all play a part to make that invention better. You can also take pictures of yourselves and see the pictures being displayed in different styles.

science26 science24

We then watched a show, Take to the Skies. It tells the story of mankind’s quest to fly. It was quite fun. There is one show every hour, starting at 11 am.

science28 science27

We had snacks at one of the cafes in the science centre, and when we were done, it was already 5.30, half an hour before closing time! We decided to have a quick look the last exhibition, Island Adventurer, before going home.

science36This exhibition is about the great naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913), who between 1854-1862 explored the Malay Archipelago (now Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia).

This is “Wallace’s Hut”. Here, you can imagine yourself as a naturalist working in the forests of Malay Archipelago in the 1850’s.


You can watch a movie about Wallace’s journey from England to the Malay Archipelago.

science39There are many more things to see there….


science37We managed to have a look around a bit before we had to go home. Like last time, we went out of the building just before the Science Centre closed at 6.

Besides the permanent exhibitions, they also have fun and interesting temporary exhibitions. At the moment there are Transformers 30th anniversary exhibition (until 1 March 2015) and Human Body Experience (no information about the end date, they might have made it a permanent exhibition?)

We highly recommend Science Centre Singapore!


22 thoughts on “Science Centre Singapore Part 2

    • Salam kenal juga Yanet 🙂 Dewasa $12, anak2 $8… Bisa seharian di sana… Not bad lah 😉 Tapi itu cuma untuk Science Centre permanent exhibitions aja lho ya, kalo mau liat Transformers misalnya, masih harus nambah lagi….

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