Science Centre Singapore Part 1


We had such a great time during the Christmas-New Year holidays. We stayed in Singapore and spent some time going around and enjoying this amazing country.

After exploring the outdoors in Kranji Countryside and Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, we wanted to do something different. So, we decided to go to Science Centre.

Science Centre Singapore is located in Jurong, close to Chinese Garden. It took us only around fifteen minutes by bus to go there.

We arrived there at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. We bought our tickets and immediately went inside. As usual, the science centre was quite busy with a lot of people inside, but still not too crowded.

Science Centre Singapore is huge, with so many exhibitions. One day is definitely not enough. That day we only managed to explore the first floor. We will have to go back to explore the second floor. I didn’t manage to take enough photos either, will take more photos when we go there again.

Close to the entrance, you can find the Mind’s Eye exhibition. It’s all about illusions!

science4  science5

Look! Papai’s arm is bent!


Next, we went to the Sound exhibition. It’s all about the science of sound. You can learn about how sound travels, test your hearing range, experience auditory illusions and even make some music!


science11  science10

Close to the Sound exhibition is the Brain and Body exhibition. There are four main sections there… Sensing Brain, Emotional Brain, Thinking Brain, and 21st Century Brain.



After that, we went to the Uniquely You exhibition. It explores the complex combination and interaction between genetic inheritance, environment and lifestyle influences that make us look, think, and behave differently from each other. There are three sections… Balanced You, Beautiful You, and New You.


Hey you, yes, you… beautiful you! 😉

beautifulThere are a lot of interactive exhibits in the science centre…. Papai, Carla and Renan had fun playing an interactive game in the Uniquely You exhibition.


Look at this robotic arm and hand! Terminator 2: Judgment Day immediately came to my mind when I saw it 😉


We also watch a movie there about journey in the womb.

science11At 5 o’clock, we watched Tesla Coil demonstration. It was amazing to see the 3.5 million volt coil generating giant electrical sparks. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take a good picture, will take a better picture next time ;). I have to warn you, though, that the demonstration might be too loud and too scary for smaller kids.


Next, we went to Climate Change Climate Challenge exhibition. What will life on earth be like with climate change? That’s the idea behind this exhibition.

science18There are a lot of interactive exhibits here. Papai and the kids tried to make clouds with the Cloud Maker while learning about  types of clouds.

science19  science20

Carla enjoyed playing with the Climate Machine, working together with another kid to save the earth….

science17We were having so much fun we didn’t realise it was almost closing time. We managed to quickly go to the next exhibition, Earth: Our Untamed Planet, where we made a journey to the centre of the earth, watched a tsunami occur at the Tsunami factory, and experienced an earthquake.


We went out of the building with the last remaining visitors just before the science centre closed at 6.

Carla and Renan still wanted to stay there…. So, after a quick dinner at McDonald’s close to the entrance, we went to the Kinetic Garden, an outdoor exhibition which demonstrates scientific priciples and phenomena in a playful setting. Indeed, the kids thought they were just playing in the playground, while actually at the same time they were learning a thing or two about science… Or maybe not, haha… Well, at least I know they had a great time there.

science3Have a look at the pictures…. There are a lot of interesting things… an echo machine, a balance to find out  our weight, a sound tube, a puzzle, a “telephone”, and an Archimedes’  screw. There are many more things in the Kinetic Garden.

science23 science22

science25 science24  science26 science27

We are going there again next week, so please stay tuned for part 2 :).


Singapore Science Centre.

Opening hours: 10 am to 6 pm daily.

For admission charges and other information, go to Singapore Science Centre.



23 thoughts on “Science Centre Singapore Part 1

  1. waaw…learning by playing ya mbak. hehe…asiik. Di Batu Malang Jawa Timur ada yang namanya Jatim Park dan Eco Green Park. Kalau di Jogjakarta ada Taman Pintar. Di sana ada semacam science centre juga. Konsepnya bagus dan lengkap. Cuma sayang kurang perawatan. Jadi, kadang ada beberapa tools yang rusak.

    • Betul, learning by playing 🙂 Aku Jatim Park 2 udah pernah, yang Secret Zoo dan Museum Satwa itu bukan? Gak jauh dari rumah ortu di Malang. Sayang ke sananya waktu jaman belum ngeblog, hihi… Kapan2 harus ke sana lagi. Eco Green Park belum pernah. Wah, kapan2 juga perlu ke Jogja nih, liat Taman Pintar… Makasih infonya 🙂

      • Waaaw…orang Malang, toh…tetanggaan dong mbak. saya di Surabaya. hihihi…Betul Jatim Park 2 yang ada Museum Satwanya. Sekarang ada Museum Angkut juga loh di Batu, Malang.

      • Iya, tapi udah lama gak tinggal di Malang lagi… Museum Angkut aku belum pernah, bagus katanya… Ntar kalo mudik banyak yang harus dikunjungi nih….

    • Lucky us, we can get free passes from my husband’s office 🙂 Kids zone exhibition? Is it the new Kids Stop? Unfortunately no free passes for that one 😦 Have you been to the Human Body Experience exhibition? We haven’t tried it. It looks fun… “You can go inside the body and come out as poo” Carla said :P.

      • Ooh, free passes! Kids Stop! That’s what I was trying to say. We went to the human body exhibition and the kids loved it, though the youngest thought it was scary going in the mouth and had to be carried (but refused to be left out). Coming out as poo was apparently hilarious. Hilarious. We do want to try Kids Stop one day, though.

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