Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore. For a lot of people, It’s a place they must visit when they go to Singapore. We went to the zoo a few times when we just moved here, but then we had never gone back for years. Carla was only one year old the last time we went there and Renan had never been to the zoo. So, last week we decided that it was time to go and see the animals….

zoo4zoo5We arrived there just after 1 pm since the kids had to go to school that morning. By the way, we didn’t have to pay to enter the zoo, since we got free passes from Papai’s office. Yay! 😉


Carla and Renan were happy to see the animals. Here is a photo of Renan with some pygmy hippos.

zoo7We didn’t manage to see all of the animals at the zoo. Not enough time. I think next time we’ll have to start early.

Carla loved to see the penguins, and also the monkeys and apes.

zoo11 zoo10

We wanted to see some animal shows, but we were too early for some and too late for others :(.

It was  still too early to see the Elephant at Work and at Play show, so we just sat in the amphitheatre and watched the elephants playing and taking a dip in the pond.


We managed to watch just one show, Rainforest Fights Back. It was quite fun. There were a lot of animals involved, including lemurs, birds, otters, and snakes.


You can check here for show times.

Next, we went to Rainforest Kidzworld.

zoo12Carla didn’t waste any time. She immediately ran to the water play area and played there for a long time.

zoo14  zoo13

Renan didn’t feel like getting wet, so Mamae stayed with Carla, and Papai went with Renan to the playground.

zoo15When Carla finally finished playing in the water play area, we went to join Papai and Renan in the playground. We had a great time playing in the playground, but what the kids really enjoyed was crossing the pond on a raft. It was super fun, and we crossed the pond so many times!

zoo17 zoo16

Another thing that the kids really enjoyed at Rainforest Kidzworld was feeding the goats. We also went to see the ponies and falabellas, but Carla and Renan kept coming back for the goats. We gave them leaves that were left close to the pen just to feed the goats.

zoo20  zoo19

It was almost closing time when we left Rainforest Kidzworld, so we took the tram all the way to the last stop, not far from the entrance.


zoo21We had dinner at a cafe close to the entrance. Since it was almost 6 pm, almost all of the cafes there were closing. So we just ate our pasta and soup quickly, then went home.

We had a great time at the zoo, although we only covered less than half of the place. Next time, maybe we’ll start in the morning….

Singapore Zoo

Opening hours: 8.30 am-6.00 pm

Admission Fee: $32 (adults), $21 (children aged 3-12), $14 (senior citizens)

For more information about the zoo, click here.


11 thoughts on “Singapore Zoo

    • Waduh, terakhir kali ke taman safari udah lamaaa banget, lupa aku :P… Kalo di taman safari sih kayaknya hewan2nya lebih bebas ya? Tapi di sini juga mereka gak dikandangin gitu, tapi dikasih tempat lumayan luas, ada pohon, tanaman, kolam kayak di alam….

  1. I don’t like zoo, tapi berdasarkan informasi temen yang suka zoo check, Singapore Zoo itu termasuk zoo dengan pengayaan kandang dan tidak terlalu kejam terhadap hewan di kandang. Hewannya gak banyak yang stress.

    • Singapore Zoo is alright… Hewan2nya sebagian besar gak dimasukin kandang, tapi dikasih tempat yang lumayan luas dan disetting seperti tempat mereka hidup di alam… Yang di kandang juga kandangnya luas, gak kayak di zoo biasanya… Mereka well-fed dan diperhatikan banget kesehatannya. Animal show juga gak heboh gitu… Hewan2nya gak dipaksa bikin atraksi macam2….

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