Muttart Conservatory


Yesterday we went to Muttart Conservatory, an indoor botanical garden in the heart of Edmonton. We actually didn’t really have a plan to go there….


This is the view that greeted us when we got up yesterday morning….


Don’t get me wrong, we love winter…. It’s so much fun playing outside in the snow, making a snowman, tobogganing…. It’s also so relaxing sitting by the window inside our warm house, drinking hot chocolate, watching the snow fall… everything is white….

Sometimes, however, it can get a bit gloomy, especially when it’s cloudy and foggy like yesterday.

So, we decided to go to Muttart Conservatory to escape the gloom for a few hours….

We got there around lunch time, so after getting our tickets, we had lunch at the cafe. We had sandwiches, salads and really delicious mushroom soup.

The conservatory has four glass pyramids; three pyramids each represents a biome, while the fourth houses creative feature displays that are changed up to eight times a year.

First, we went to Tropical pyramid.

As soon as we opened the door, we were hit by warm and humid air…. We felt like we were back in Singapore!

Carla and Renan were delighted to see familiar trees and plants…. They had fun running around and playing…. Lucky for us, not many people were there yesterday, we had the whole garden for ourselves, almost.

Next, we went to Feature pyramid. Until March 5, it’s all about Chinese New Year. Wow, we were getting even more Singaporean vibe! 😛

Welcome to the year of the rooster!

The atmosphere was peaceful and relaxing…. until Renan decided to hit the gong!

As usual, Carla took a lot of photos. Here is a photo of a beautiful flower, taken by Carla. No filter needed….


Next, Temperate pyramid.

It was much cooler and drier there…. We walked around a bit….

Lastly, we went to Arid pyramid.

Lots of beautiful cacti there.

We stayed there a bit, then went back to Tropical to feel the warm and humid air one more time before we go home. It was nice to just sit there watching the kids play.

There is nothing like walking into a warm humid environment when it’s -20°C outside, so yes, I highly recommend you to visit Muttart Conservatory at least once in deep winter.

Muttart Conservatory

Hours of operation:

Monday to Sunday except Thursday 10am-5pm

Thursday 10am-9pm

Closed on Christmas Day

Admission Type Regular Admission Annual Pass
Child (Ages 2-12) $6.50 $23
Youth (Ages 13-17) $10.50 $37
Adult (Ages 18-64) $12.50 $45
Senior (Age 65+) $10.50 $37
Family $37 $130

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