How to Dress for Winter


Having spent almost ten years in Singapore, we really had no idea about winter. We knew though, that Canadian winter could be very harsh, so one of the first things we did when we came here was to find out about how to dress properly for winter. As it turned out, dressing for winter is not simply about putting on some sweaters or coats….

So, how to dress for winter? Here is a step-by-step guide for you, fellow cold weather newbies 😉

Carla and Renan agreed to be the models for this article…. Thanks, guys! 🙂 Let’s start!

Put on a pair of thermal underwear (a thermal shirt and a pair of thermal pants) over your usual underwear. Choose synthetic or wool, since they provide better insulation and keep moisture away from your body. It’s better to avoid cotton, since it doesn’t provide enough insulation, soaks up moisture from your body and takes a long time to dry, leaving you cold and uncomfortable. A tip: put on your socks over the edges of your thermal pants to make it easier to put on more layers of clothes.


Put on your usual clothes on top of the thermal underwear….


A warm sweater goes a long way to keep you warm!


Next, snow pants. They are not really necessary for adults, unless you plan to go outside to do winter sport. Kids need to wear snow pants whenever they go outside, though, since kids really can’t resist snow! They’d want to play in the snow whenever possible, and you’d want to make sure they stay warm and dry.

There are different kinds of snow pants. I like an overall type like the ones Carla and Renan are wearing here, since they cover the chest and tummy too and provide more warmth.


You can see here that the snow pants are made of a thick and soft fabric with waterproof outer layer.


Next, it’s time to put on a hat/toque/beanie or a pair of earmuffs, a scarf or a neck warmer and a pair of gloves or mittens. Mittens are better for younger kids since they are easy to put on and warmer than gloves.


Now, you are ready to put on your jacket or coat and boots! A tip: for younger kids, it’s easier to put on their jacket after they put on their mittens or gloves. For adults and older kids, put on jacket or coat first, and then gloves.

It’s important to get waterproof and wind resistant outerwear.


For the boots, a good quality pair of waterproof, insulated boots is a must! Get a pair of boots with removable liners, so you can take them out and dry them completely after each wear.


Now you should be ready to go out in the snow….:)

Other important tips:

-Always check the weather condition before you go out. There are guidelines about how long you can safely stay outside, depending on the temperature and wind chill factor.

-If you live in a hot country and you are planning to move to a country where you’ll need to dress warmly, don’t buy winter clothes before you go. Buy them when you arrive. Winter clothes that we bought in Canada are much warmer and cheaper than those that we bought in Singapore.

Hope this article helps!


5 thoughts on “How to Dress for Winter

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  2. Never been to cold climate country. However it is still interesting to know how to dress properly in the winter. Hope I can visit some places that have winter season 🙂

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