Winter is Coming…


It’s only October… So, officially it’s still autumn. But, over the long weekend we had snow…

Carla and Renan were beyond excited since it was the very first time they saw snow.Β The snow started to fall in the evening and by 9 pm they were still outside playing.

The next day the snow got even thicker and thicker.

Monday was a sunny day but there was still snow everywhere….

Tuesday was another sunny day and it was warmer too. The snow started to melt….


Now there’s just a bit of snow left… It feels like autumn again πŸ˜› . It’s getting colder and colder, though. The snow might fall again this weekend….




11 thoughts on “Winter is Coming…

  1. ooooh. have not had fun in the snow for such a long time since relocating home to the tropics. All we have is rain and sun! Four seasons is something to really enjoy – yes we know not necessarily from those who grew up there!

    • Yeah, we’ve been enjoying summer and autumn since we moved here, and now we’re getting a taste of winter… But I’m also starting to miss the hot and humid Singaporean weather… and I’m so missing food in Singapore πŸ˜›

  2. Citra, pengen tahu anak2 penyesuaian dengan suhu yg berbeda antara Singapore dan Canada ada kesulitan ga? Sempet stress atau malah santai2 saja. Aku pertama pindah Belanda pas winter, sempet bersalju pula, yg ada tiap hari marah2 dan nangis mulu karena kalo keluar rumah duingiin banget. Tapi cuma sebulan, setelahnya sudah mulai penyesuaian.

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