Edmonton Valley Zoo


It’s been almost three months since we left Singapore. So far, so good. We are all settling in nicely and enjoying our new life in Canada. However, we came to the conclusion that regarding entertainment and family activities, Edmonton is quite expensive! Apart from playgrounds (thankfully we have plenty of great playgrounds here), we haven’t found free or inexpensive places to enjoy with the kids.

That’s why we were happy when we found out that there was Free Admission Day in Edmonton last week.

There were quite a few options for Free Admission Day, but we finally decided to go to Edmonton Valley Zoo.

We took the bus, then we walked to the zoo. It took us around half an hour to walk all the way there, but we didn’t mind…

We really enjoyed the view. It was the beginning of autumn… The leaves had just started to change colours and fall. Everything looked so beautiful!

Finally we reached the zoo. This is the map of the place. The zoo looked quite small.


We walked around the zoo and saw some animals. Our favourite were the skunks, capybara and the cute arctic fox. A lot of the animals were missing, since the zoo was currently being renovated and expanded.

Luckily the urban farm area was still open. Carla and Renan had fun petting the sheep and cows there.

We also enjoyed the carousel and train rides….

When we were done, it was almost closing time… We walked for half an hour again all the way to get the bus, stopping at a playground once.

I think the zoo was quite fun, although we didn’t see a lot of animals. It was free, can’t complain, haha…. It’s going to be much better once the renovation is done.


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