Alberta Legislature Building


It’s now almost the end of summer in Canada. The nights are getting longer, the temperature is getting lower…. Last week it got as low as 1°C during the day. In the summer! Luckily, this week we’ve been having warmer days.

So, before it gets seriously cold, we try to spend as much time outdoors, exploring the city of Edmonton.

One of the places we explored last week was Alberta Legislature building.

Located on a promontory overlooking North Saskatchewan River valley, surrounded by lovely gardens and huge lawns, it’s a great place to spend time with loved ones.

There are fountains and wading pools too in front of the building. When it’s warm and sunny, kids love to splash around there. Too bad it wasn’t warm and sunny enough that day.

We saw a lot of commemorative monuments around the building, like this Police and Peace Officers’ memorial and the Centennial Flame.

We spent some time walking around in the gardens, enjoying the beautiful view. The flowers are so pretty!

Carla had fun taking pictures there. Here are her two favourite pictures… Really lovely pictures indeed. Just look at the squirrel, so cute!

There are free guided tours of the legislature building, that are offered everyday. We didn’t do it, though. We’ll try it next time….

That’s all for now, folks!




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