Thank You and Goodbye, Singapore!


After almost ten years in Singapore, it’s finally time to say goodbye. We are really excited about our new life in the new country, but at the same time a bit sad too…. Singapore was our beloved home…. We came there with nothing, just the two of us…. Then we found jobs, got married, started a family…. everything happened in Singapore. So many memories….

So, in no particular order, here are some of the things that we are going to miss about Singapore…

1. Our apartment.

We stayed there for eight years. We moved in as newlyweds, and left as a family of four. We are surely going to miss that small and always messy place!

2. Food… glorious food!

We are already missing the traditional breakfast with kaya toast and soft boiled eggs, or cheese prata and putu mayam, with kopi and ice milo. We are also already missing the hawker centres and the foodcourts…. The food in Singapore is not only delicious, it’s so cheap too! You can still get a bowl of noodles or rice with vegetables and meat for $3 at a hawker centre. In Singapore, it’s really not a problem if you don’t feel like cooking for dinner. Just walk to the nearest hawker centre!


3. Cheap and efficient public transport system

The cost of owning a car in Singapore is just too high for most people, including us. But we never felt the need to get a car. Singapore has a very reliable and inexpensive public transport system. We mainly used the bus service, but taxis are everywhere and cheap too. Bukit Batok Interchange/MRT station was only five minutes away from our apartment. And with the new Downtown line MRT, we could be anywhere in Singapore within around half an hour.

4. Safety

I know, in Singapore they always say “low crime doesn’t mean no crime”, but we felt really safe there. It is indeed one of the safest countries in the world. I’d feel perfectly safe walking home at 3 in the morning after a night out.


5. The community clubs

In each neighbourhood in Singapore, there is a community club where residents can meet up and join a sport club or enroll in any courses, from baking and cooking to painting and craft making. I used to go to yoga and salsa dance classes at Bukit Timah community club, which also has a children library and a karaoke place. We’d walk to the children library almost every night after dinner.

6. Hot and sunny weather (almost) all year long

I don’t know how many times we said “It’s too hot! It’s too humid! Can’t do anything! Aarrggh!”…. But, we could go for a swim or relax by the pool everyday…. go to the beach anytime…. wear summer dresses or tshirt and shorts plus flip flops all the time…. Life was easy in the tropics….

7. The shopping malls

When the heat and humidity do get too much, you can always go to the mall…. They are everywhere in Singapore. You can go to fancy malls like Paragon or Ion on Orchard Rd, or you can go to your neighbourhood mall. Our closest mall was West Mall next to Bukit Batok MRT station. It’s a small place, but it has everything… not just the usual shops, cinema, cafes and restaurants, but Bukit Batok community library is also located there inside the mall.

8. The playgrounds, public parks and gardens

Singapore has a lot of beautiful parks and gardens. Our favourites were Botanic Gardens, Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, West Coast Park, and our closest park, Bukit Batok Nature Park. Playgrounds are everywhere. We’d usually go to the playground at Jalan Tekukor, the playground inside Bukit Batok Nature Park, or the ones around Bukit Batok market.

9. Sentosa

Since Carla and Renan are both beach bums, we’d go to Sentosa’s three beaches regularly. They are fake beaches, and the water can’t be too clean since they are too close to the port. In fact, you can see a lot of ships, boats and ferries from any of the beaches. But we always had fun in Sentosa. We’d go there in the morning, and in the evening we’d walk back to Vivo City while enjoying the beautiful view.

10. The fact that it’s so close to Indonesia.

It takes only two hours and a half to fly to Surabaya. My parents and sister could visit us every two to three months, and we could also visit them quite often.

We are going to miss Changi airport too, one of the best airports in the world!


Oh, my husband just asked me if he could add one more thing. He’s going to really miss hisย Sunday afternoon football. He had played with Ventz FC since 2007.


So, goodbye Singapore, until we meet again… You will always be in our hearts, or as Renan told me, “Singapore is always in my brain, and my brain can always tell me what Singapore looked like”.

With lots of love,

Papai Rogerio, Mamae Citra, Carla and Renan


19 thoughts on “Thank You and Goodbye, Singapore!

  1. Pasti sedih yah mbak citra, harus move on…*ingat diri sendiri yang susah move on…
    but life must go on..semoga betah ditempat yang baru serta penuh lebih lagi kebahagiaan yang di dapatkan Aamiin ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This is an interesting, loving description of Singapore as seen from the eyes of an Indonesian family. I’m touched but also curious and excited to see them move on to still a better future. GBU

  3. Aaaahhh๐Ÿ˜ƒ Akhirnyaaaa.. Semoga lancar ya pindahannya.. Semoga betah juga di tempat baru.. Eh ngomong-ngomong, aku mau banget loh tinggal di Singapura, tapi saat ini belum ada kesempatan kerja buatku atau suami di negara ini..

  4. You are moving? Big change! But certainly seems like you’ve had a great decade in Singapore! Keep blogging, let me know how moving countries with kids works out for youโ˜บ

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