Our Holiday in Brazil


Hi everyone, we are back in Singapore after spending a month in Brazil. We had a nice, relaxing holiday there. It was great to catch up with nonna, nonno, all the tias and tios, and to see Carla and Renan’s baby cousin Elisa.

We didn’t really go to many places in Brazil. We mainly stayed with nonna and nonno at their farm in Garibaldi and spent a few days in Porto Alegre.

Carla and Renan had fun staying with nonna and nonno. There were always things to do…..

We made cappelletti (or is it capelletti? Capeletti? Capeleti? I don’t know how to write it properly)…. It’s small pieces of pasta filled with a mixture of breadcrumbs, minced meat, cheese and spices. They were so much fun to make, and so yummy to eat!

Besides making cappelletti, Carla also helped nonna make bread, cakes and pasta. She enjoyed working in the kitchen, but Renan preferred to ride a bike around the house. Nonna and nonno’s house is very big, has a lot of rooms and also an attic…. perfect place for Carla to run around and play.


We went on a steam train trip, Maria Fumaça, with Tio Vander and Tia Fran.

It was not an ordinary train trip! The one and a half hour trip started in a city called Bento Gonçalves and ended in Carlos Barbosa, with a stop in Garibaldi. At each station, we were treated to some delicious locally produced wines (and grape juice for the kids) and traditional songs by local musicians.

On board, we were treated to more songs, and also a theatrical performance and dance.

We enjoyed beautiful views of the region…

…. But of course Renan fell asleep as soon as we got on the train…. He woke up around half an hour before the trip ended, so he could still enjoy it.

The Maria Fumaça experience included a visit to a museum, where you could learn a bit about Italian immigration to Brazil.


We went to Tio Vander and Tia Fran’s wedding in Salvador do Sul, a small town not far from Garibaldi. Congratulations, Tio Vander and Tia Fran!


We went fishing at a lake in the farm. It was quite far from the house, so we went there by…. tractor! That’s right, we sat in a cart attached to a tractor. Nonno rode the tractor. It was a very bumpy ride… quite scary, since the path we took was so narrow and steep… It was fun, though!

We stayed for around one hour at the lake….

…. and managed to get more than twenty small fish. We fried them that night, Carla and Renan ate almost everything.

The area around the lake is so beautiful….


Carla celebrated her 7th birthday in Garibaldi. We had  churrasco, a traditional barbecue. Very delicious! The birthday cake was yummy too, and we also had a lot of traditional Brazilian sweets. Carla got a lot of presents….


We went to Porto Alegre a few days before flying back to Singapore, and stayed with Tia Denise and Tio Leo. We didn’t do much there since we only stayed there for a few days. We went to a shopping mall and we visited papai’s old university, UFRGS. We went for a walk in a park on the way home from the university. Carla and papai took a swan boat ride there.

Most of the time we just relaxed at home…. Carla and Renan enjoyed playing with Elisa, who just turned seven months. Carla adored Elisa and was always so patient with her… It would be nice if she could be that patient with Renan, haha…..

Tia Denise surprised Carla with a beautiful birthday cake….


Bye for now Brazil, until we meet again……


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