School Performance November 2015

Another year went by, and suddenly it was time for Carla and Renan’s end of year school concert. This year it was even more special since Carla had her graduation ceremony too. Bittersweet moments for us, our little girl is not really that little anymore!

Here are some pictures from the concert. Carla and Renan did very well. So proud of them!

Studio_20151115_093033  DSC07059

DSC07064  Studio_20151122_233056

DSC07100  DSC07108

Studio_20151115_093736  Studio_20151115_093838

And here are the videos….





2 thoughts on “School Performance November 2015

  1. Ada kebanggaan bila menyaksikan anak kita tercinta tampil dalam acara di sekolah seperti ini. Suatu moment yang pantas untuk selalu dikenang.
    Dulu sekali saya pernah merasakannya Mbak. Kini anak2 saya sudah pada besar…


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