SG50 Jubilee Weekend: Singapore Botanic Gardens

Yesterday, on the third day of Jubilee weekend, we went to Singapore Botanic Gardens. We wanted to watch free concerts and National Day Parade live telecast at Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage.

We took the bus to Botanic Gardens MRT…. free ride for everyone yesterday! From there, we took the shuttle bus to the other Botanic Gardens entrance, and walked to the concert venue.

On the way there, we made a quick stop to check out the carnival around the Bandstand. There were a number of booths offering food and drinks, snacks, face painting, henna painting, games, botanical art, nail art, and many more….



We then walked all the way to Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage.

DSC06452 DSC06453

We found a nice spot to sit and watch performances by local artists….


However, after only four songs, the kids didn’t feel like sitting down watching musical performances anymore…. Ok, no problem, let’s do something else!

So, we walked all the way to where we started, the area near Botanic Gardens MRT.

We had a picnic close to a lake there, and we ended up staying for hours. Carla and Renan had fun running around, while Mamae and Papai had fun sitting on the grass doing nothing 🙂


Carla got the camera and took hundreds of photos… literally. She’d like to share some of her photos here. So, here they are…. All photos below courtesy of Carla Manica.

DSC06504 DSC06537  DSC06516

Look at the pretty lizard and the cute ducks….

DSC06473  Studio_20150810_003424

We left Botanic Gardens around 7 pm… No free concerts, no National Day Parade live telecast, but it was still fun!

…. So what should we do today? It’s the last day of Jubilee weekend, and we are still thinking about what to do and where to go…..

Update: Today we went back to Botanic Gardens! Yep, the same area….and yep, we stayed for hours…..


8 thoughts on “SG50 Jubilee Weekend: Singapore Botanic Gardens

  1. Asyiknya bisa menghabiskan waktu bersama keluarga dan membiarkan anak-anak berkatifitas luar ruang di taman 🙂
    Dan . . . Carla berbakat fotografi rupanya. Hasil jepretannya bagus-bagus lho

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