Horse Riding Trip at Riders Lodge Malaysia


A few weeks ago Carla went on a horse riding trip with her K2 classmates from Bambini Childcare, her preschool for the past three years. It was a special treat for the soon-to-be graduates.

Only Mamae went to the horse riding trip with Carla. Papai and Renan stayed home.

We got up early that day and by 7.30 am we were already traveling towards Johor Bahru. We hitched a ride with a fellow Bambini Childcare family.

The traffic was not too bad that morning, but there was a massive queue at both Singaporean and Malaysian checkout points. It was 10 am when we reached Riders Lodge Malaysia.


Since it was already quite late, we didn’t waste any more time. Carla and her friends went straight to the stables to meet the horses!

They put on their riding helmets with the help of the staff, and had a safety briefing with the owner of Riders Lodge.


What a big horse! Carla looked sooo small standing next to it. Too be honest, I felt a tad uneasy at that point. But Carla climbed on her horse confidently. I could only see excitement on her face, and that made me feel better. The other kids looked confident and excited too….

jaran5…. Off they went!

jaran2The kids were enjoying themselves…. For most of them, that was their first ever riding experience, but I could see that they were in good hands. Each horse was led by a handler, and the horses were just walking. I was a bit concerned when I saw that riding boots were not provided and the kids had to ride wearing sneakers…. but it was all good.

The kids didn’t just ride the horses… They played a game too, that required them to get on and off the horses and run to the centre of the paddock several times. They were having so much fun.


After that, they went out of the paddock and ride on the grassy area.

jaran6Finally, it was time to go back to the manor house.


I thought the kids would be too tired to do anything else after that, but no, some kids still had the energy to play football on the field behind the manor house! Carla and a few other girls relaxed close to the jacuzzi with Teacher Mimi.


The kids then had lunch together. They had a choice of three dishes; spaghetti bolognese, chicken and fries, fried rice.


After lunch, we relaxed a bit in the manor house. There were a couple of cats there, and Carla had fun playing with them.


Finally it was time to go back to Singapore. We had a great time at Riders Lodge Malaysia!

Riders Lodge

Sedenak, Johor


For more information, please visit


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