Brazil Churrasco, An Authentic Brazilian Restaurant in Singapore


Brazil Churrasco…. I just have to write a review about this restaurant. This is one of our favourite places to eat in Singapore….

We moved to Singapore in 2006. We had been in the country for less than one week when we found out about this restaurant. On our very first night out in Singapore, we went to Brazil Churrasco, and we’ve been going there regularly ever since then. We even had our wedding dinner in Brazil Churrasco….

It’s our favourite restaurant to celebrate birthdays….

Mamae’s birthday in 2010….


Papai’s birthday in 2012, with Papai’s brother Tio Vander….


…. And some more birthdays…. But mostly we just go there whenever we need our Brazilian food fix! Lately we’ve been going there at least once a month, since Carla and Renan, who are rather fussy with food, usually eat really well there.

A few years back, together with some Brazilian friends, we embarked on a journey to try all Brazilian restaurants in Singapore. We went all over the country to find the best Brazilian restaurant…. And we all agreed that Brazil Churrasco is the best Brazilian restaurant in Singapore!

Brazil Churrasco is the first Brazilian restaurant to open in Singapore, in 1994. Churrasco means barbecue, Brazilian style. Different cuts of beef, chicken, lamb, sausages, smoked duck, ham, fish, chicken hearts, and pineapples are cooked on skewers over open fire, and then the passadores would go around the restaurant with the meat on skewers, slicing the meat right onto our plates. This is an all you can eat restaurant….

This is how they cook the meat….


To give you an idea about how the food is served there, here is a video of a passador at Brazil Churrasco…. The staff there are a bunch of nice and friendly people, and some passadores are Brazilians, you’d feel like you are somewhere in Brazil, not somewhere in Bukit Timah!

Of course you don’t just eat meat there… The salad bar has all sorts of good stuff… Cooked and raw vegetables, fruit, fried bananas, fried tapioca, feijoada (black beans and meat stew), palm hearts, rice, potato salad and a lot more. My favourite is the green leafy vegetables, fried until as crunchy as crisps. Couldn’t find the picture, though….  Too busy munching the crunchy vegetables to take pictures, I guess….


This is how you eat there…. Lots of meat with lots of stuff from the salad bar. This is beef topside or picanha, a must try! You can ask the passadores to cut the meat any way you like it, with some fat like in this picture, no fat, big cut, small cut… You can choose a well cooked part, or an  almost raw part, it’s really up to you….


They serve softdrinks, beer, wine and assorted cocktails and mocktails too. You might want to try Guarana, a popular Brazilian softdrink, or Caipirinha, a traditional Brazilian cocktail prepared from cachaça  (a distilled spirit made from sugar cane juice), lime, sugar and ice. They also serve various Brazilian desserts. We haven’t tried them, though. No space for dessert after eating all that meat and salad!


So, if you are in Singapore, and want to try delicious, authentic Brazilian food in a casual setting, come to Brazil Churrasco!

Brazil Churrasco

16 Sixth Avenue, Singapore 276476

Phone: 6463 1923

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 6pm-11pm



This is not a sponsored article, and we are not affiliated with Brazil Churrasco in any way. This is just a review from happy customers!

Some photos and the video are taken with permission from Brazil Churrasco’s website and facebook page.


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