Batu: Museum Angkut, Pasar Apung and D’Topeng Kingdom Museum

If you go to Malang, you might want to visit Batu, a small town located around 15 km west of Malang city centre. The town lies on the slopes of a mountain, Mount Welirang, thus has beautiful views and cool mountain air.

There are a lot of things to see and do in Batu. We didn’t have enough time, though, so we only went to Museum Angkut, Pasar Apung and D’Topeng Kingdom Museum, all located in the same area.

After buying our tickets at the counter, we went to the main building. On the first level, there is  a big collection of vintage cars, vintage motorbikes and horse carriages.

This car belonged to Soekarno, the first president of Indonesia.


There is a vintage racing car, and a lot of other vintage cars….

angkut16There are some bicycles….


And a collection of horse-drawn carriages.

angkut15There are also a lot of miniature cars.



We then went to level 2. We saw a collection of traditional vehicles there.

This is cikar, a cow-drawn cart. I used to see cikar going around the city when I was small, but I haven’t seen one for more than 25 years.

angkut28This is becak. We still have becak in Malang, but they are quite rare.

angkut7There are replicas of traditional boats from all over the world too.


Carla and Renan played a bit. Renan was trying to match vehicles and their sounds.

angkut18This replica of steam car looks interesting.


We went out of the main building and we thought there was nothing else to see. We were wrong! The museum has a huge outdoor area designed to look like small cities, based loosely on places around the world, from Asia, to America and Europe.

This is Batavia, or Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, in the olden days.


This is “Gangster Town and Broadway Street”, inspired by American gangster movies I guess.

angkut29Welcome to Germany!


Museum Angkut provides plenty of interesting spots to take pictures. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

angkut5We were transported to London….

angkut1There is also a play area for children in the museum. Unfortunately, the train was out of order that day.


We had so much fun in Museum Angkut…..

Next we went to Pasar Apung or floating market. Too bad it was raining that day, so we couldn’t go on a boat ride. We bought some snacks and drinks from some stalls, and then we went straight to D’Topeng Kingdom Museum, since it started to rain harder.



This is D’Topeng Kingdom Museum. Topeng means a mask, but the museum doesn’t just showcase masks. They do have a big collection of traditional masks, but you can also see traditional textiles, decorative items, sculptures and other traditional art from all over Indonesia.

angkut27  angkut26

We went around the museum to look at the art collection. It was interesting, and we learned a lot about Indonesian art that day, since the friendly museum staff was more than happy to explain and answer our questions about the museum’s collection.

angkut30Museum Angkut, Pasar Apung and D’Topeng Kingdom

Jl. Terusan Sultan Agung no. 2

Batu-East Java


Opening hours: 12 noon-8 pm

Entrance fee:

Museum Angkut only:

Rp. 60,000 (Monday-Thursday), Rp. 80,000 (Friday-Sunday)

Museum Angkut and D’Topeng Kingdom:

Rp. 70,000 (Monday-Thursday), Rp. 90,000 (Friday-Sunday)

Additional charge: Rp. 30,000 per camera


10 thoughts on “Batu: Museum Angkut, Pasar Apung and D’Topeng Kingdom Museum

  1. Haven’t got the chance to visit this place. Unfortunately it was always during Lebaran I visit Malang and there was always heavy traffic.

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