Brazil Part 2: Gramado and Canela


When we went to Brazil in 2010, besides going to Garibaldi and Porto Alegre we also visited Gramado and Canela, small towns located around 130 km from Porto Alegre.

Gramado and Canela are two different towns, but they are so close together, people think of them as one. They are both beautiful, with so many things to do. The two towns are very popular with tourists, but they still retain their quiet and relaxed vibe.


We chose to stay in Gramado. There are so many things to do there. The city is home for a number of interesting museums like Museu do Chocolate (don’t have to explain about this one!), Super Carros (museum of supercars), Hollywood Dream Cars (museum of antique cars), Harley Motor Show (Harley Davidson museum), Dreamland Museu de Cera (wax museum), and many more… There are also Gramado Zoo and some theme parks, like Parque Gaucho and Parque Mini Mundo (miniature park). It’s even fun to just walk around the city centre to see Igreja Matriz São Pedro, the beautiful stone church, and the German style architecture. Gramado’s residents are mostly of German, Italian and Portuguese descent, but German influence seems particularly strong there.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to visit all of the attractions. We only explored the city centre, visited São Pedro church and went to Parque Mini Mundo.

This is São Pedro Church.

This is Parque Mini Mundo.

brazil10The park features miniatures of buildings in Brazil and Germany, since the park is owned by a family of German descent.


Carla played a lot at the small playground there, and she even made a few friends….


Carla had so much fun she didn’t want to leave the place and started to cry when we told her it was time to go 😛


The next day we took the bus to Canela. From the bus station, we took a short taxi ride to Parque do Caracol, to see Cascata do Caracol, or Caracol Falls.

We walked around and explored the park a bit. We saw a restaurant, some souvenir shops, and a small theme park…. But we decided to go and see the waterfall first.

What a beautiful view…..

Cascata do Caracol

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA…. But we wanted to get even closer to the waterfall. You can reach the base of the waterfall by walking down the steep 927 steps. So, we did that. It was not that easy…. but tough Carla, who was only 18 months at that time, managed to walk down the steps almost all by herself!

The tiring walk down the steps was worth it, though…. The view was so beautiful at the base of the waterfall we didn’t really want to leave… But that might have been because of the daunting task ahead… climbing up the 927 steps!


We survived, though… We had a light snack at the restaurant, and then we went to the theme park. We took a train ride around the park, which was really fun! Too bad, at that point, we started to have problems with our old camera. That’s why we didn’t have a lot of photos from Gramado and Canela 😦 .


After that, we went back to Gramado. We stayed there overnight, and the next morning we took the bus to Porto Alegre.

We didn’t really do much in Gramado and Canela, so next time we go back to Brazil, we are surely going to visit both towns again, to visit more attractions and take more photos!

If you want to see more of Gramado and Canela, you can check out Dicas de Gramado. A lot of beautiful pictures there!

Next, Brazil Part 3: Balneário Camboriú and Florianópolis.


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