Homemade Yoghurt Popsicles


Today we are going to share a recipe to make homemade yoghurt popsicles. They are super easy to make, healthy, and taste so yummy! I usually give the kids these homemade yoghurt popsicles as after school snacks.

So, you need:


-Plain yoghurt, sweetened with honey or fruit preserves

You can use any kind of yoghurt you like, but Greek yoghurt or full fat yoghurt will give you nicer, creamier texture. We usually add a bit of honey to sweeten the yoghurt. You can also add fruit preserves.

-Diced fruit

You can use fresh fruit, frozen fruit, canned fruit…. We’ve tried fresh strawberries, frozen blueberries, canned peaches… All worked well and tasted so yummy!

-Crushed digestive biscuits

I add biscuits to make the popsicles more filling for the kids.

It’s so easy to make these popsicles, the kids can do it by themselves…. Let’s get started….

Get your popsicle moulds. Pour two spoonfuls of yoghurt in the moulds. Add one spoonful of diced fruit and one spoonful of crushed biscuits. Continue layering yoghurt, diced fruit and crushed biscuits until the moulds are full. Insert a popsicle stick into each mould or if you have popsicle moulds with lids like us, just put the lids on. Put the homemade yoghurt popsicles in the freezer….


….After around 4 hours, your popsicles should be ready. Enjoy!

ice5   ice4

Mmm… yummy!


22 thoughts on “Homemade Yoghurt Popsicles

  1. mmhh look yumzaaaa! buat popsicles gini emang enak ya tapi udahanya suka sinus kambuh ahahaha.trakhir buat pas summer kemarin dari sirup and ngabisin sendiri ;p secara anaku belum aku kenalin ama popsicles dan menu dingin lainya .

  2. ahhhh aku suka popsicles ini….prnh bikin yg abal2 alias tingal celupin buah doang di coklat melting trus dimasukin ke kulkas..aduh nulisnya sambil ngiler ini hihihihi

    btw anak2 jd seneng ya, homemade sambil bermain ^^

    • Anak2 seneng lho, makan buah yang dicelupin di coklat… Aku juga seneng, apalagi kalo pake white choc, yummy… Iya, kalo bikin sendiri gitu semangat mereka makannya 🙂

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