Clarke Quay-Boat Quay-Esplanade-Marina Bay

Walking along Singapore river… from Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, all the way to Esplanade and Marina Bay Sands is something that we really enjoy. It’s really relaxing to sit by the river watching the world go by, the kids love to play and run around along the way, and we never get tired of the iconic views of Singapore…. Plus, every weekend there are free performances at the Esplanade’s outdoor theatre.

Last Saturday, again we wanted to go for a walk along Singapore river. We started at Boat Quay. Unfortunately, just before we got to Fullerton Hotel, it started to rain really hard.

weekend1  weekend4

We waited for the rain to stop, but it got even worse. Finally we decided to just run to the taxi stand in front of Fullerton hotel and get a taxi home. Oh well, at least we managed to walk around a bit, had dinner (okay, just apple pie and fries from McDonald’s) by the river, and bought our favourite durian ice cream with wafer from the ice cream uncle…..

weekend7  weekend6

So, since we don’t have any more pictures from last Saturday, we’d like to share pictures from our previous Clarke Quay-Boat Quay-Esplanade-Marina Bay walks.

This is Clarke Quay. At night, Clarke Quay comes alive. It’s a nice place to go clubbing. Obviously something that we don’t do too often nowadays, haha, but it’s also fun to just sit there and watch the boats, and the lights when it gets dark, with the kids.

Clarke Quay with kids…

newpost2  newpost1

Clarke Quay without kids….

clarke1clarke2From Clarke Quay, you can walk all the way to Boat Quay. Boat Quay also has restaurants, cafes and pubs like Clarke Quay, but it’s much quieter. You’d dress up and party in Clarke Quay, while in Boat Quay you’d sit in a pub and catch up with your friends.

Carla, Renan and Papai enjoying Boat Quay….

newpost6  newpost5 newpost4  newpost3

From Boat Quay, cross the street and you’d be in Marina Bay. It’s the place to be to enjoy iconic views of Singapore….

You can see ArtScience Museum and Marina Bay Sands….

newpost7  newpost9

…Merlion and Esplanade theatre (or The Durian, as the locals call it)….

marina3And as I mentioned before, every weekend there are free performances at Esplanade’s outdoor theatre, featuring talented local and regional musicians. Click here to find out more about the free peformances.

Papai and Renan waiting for a jazz music performance….


After staying for a few songs, usually we’d walk to Marina Bay Sands, and then go home. There are still so many things to see and do between Esplanade and Marina Bay Sands, and also in Marina Bay Sands itself, so please stay tuned for our next post….


14 thoughts on “Clarke Quay-Boat Quay-Esplanade-Marina Bay

  1. Jalan kaki menyusuri Singapore itu walaupun melelahkan tapi selalu ngangenin deeh.. Kemaren sama Shaina belom sempet jalan2 seputar clarke Quay-boat quay. Next aahh kalau kesana 🙂

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