Trick Eye Museum, Sentosa


Just a quick but photo-heavy post….

A few days ago we went to Trick Eye in Sentosa. It’s a 3D art museum with around 80 optical illusion paintings and installations. Only come here if you like taking photos, otherwise it wouldn’t be worth it, especially since the tickets are quite expensive. $25 for adults and $20 for children from 4 to 12.

Since we all love to take photos and pose for photos, of course it was a lot of fun for us!

Have a look….

image  image  image  imageimage   image  imageimageimage

This one is my favourite, haha….


It’s better to come to Trick Eye museum on a weekday to avoid the crowds. They limit the number of people inside the museum since space is tight and the artworks are placed really close to each other. If you come during the weekend, you might have to wait for hours in line to get in.

Trick Eye Museum opening hours: Monday-Sunday 10 am-9 pm

Location: Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

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Taken from





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