We love libraries!

Going to the library is something that we really enjoy. We love to be surrounded by books, we love to just sit and read one book after another.

We usually go to Bukit Batok Community Library that is located on the third floor of West Mall, next to Bukit Batok mrt station.


Bukit Batok Community Library is not too big but has a children area with a good collection of books, from baby books to books for early readers, story books to information books and children magazines.

imageΒ Β image

They have an English storytelling session every Thursday at 3 pm. We’ve been to the storytelling session a few times, and the kids always had fun.

It’s good that the library is located in a mall. When we are done reading, we’d usually go to the foodcourt on level four for a snack.

We also like Jurong Regional Library, located close to Jurong East MRT station, only one stop from Bukit Batok. There is a huge area dedicated for children in this library.


This is not just a library! They have a massive collection of children’s literature, but that’s not all….


There is a play area with puzzles and toys.


There are also several multimedia stations. Carla and Renan like using the multimedia station to listen to stories and play games.


Kids can play dress-up too here!


I actually prefer Bukit Batok Community Library, since the kids can just read there without being distracted by toys and puzzles and computers. Bukit Batok Community Library is usually quieter too. Not that I don’t enjoy going to Jurong Regional Library. Actually, it’s a nice place for parents to relax… You can just let the kids play and explore the library by themselves.

Oh, since we’ve been talking about libraries, here is a picture of Carla when she was only three months old, already reading a book!



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