Bristol: College Green, Central Library, Bristol Cathedral

Wednesday, 10 September.

We wanted to go to a storytelling session in Bristol Central Library that day. It was going to start at 11.30 am.

We left the hotel at 10 am and walked to the library. We walked slowly, stopping along the way to play, enjoy the view and watch the boats.



We arrived at the library around 11 am. We still had half an hour before the story telling session started, so we went out to play.

The Central Library is located close to Bristol Cathedral and City Hall. There is a huge open space called College Green in the middle of those buildings. The kids loved running around there, chasing birds.

image  image

This is the City Hall. You can see the library on the left.


And this is the cathedral….


Just before 11.30, we went back to the library. The kids read some books before the storytelling session started.

image  image

The story telling session was fun. The kids really enjoyed it.

Afterwards, they played and drew pictures.


This is Renan in front of the library.


We crossed the street to buy food at a mini market, and then we sat on the grass eating our lunch. Carla and Renan didn’t care much about lunch, they only ate a bit, then started playing happily again in front of the cathedral.

image  image

We then went inside the cathedral. It was beautiful. The kids were happy to walk around and explore the place, even if they couldn’t run around and scream and make lots of noise as usual.

image  image

image   image

At around 5, we decided to leave.

We found this map on the way to our hotel. I think it was somewhere close to At-Bristol science centre. The kids had fun looking at the map, trying to find Manchester, London and Bristol.


Our last article about Bristol is coming soon….


5 thoughts on “Bristol: College Green, Central Library, Bristol Cathedral

    • We love libraries! Are you still in Thailand? Not many libraries with English books there? Here in Singapore we are never too far from a library with a good collection of English books 🙂

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