Bristol: Temple Gardens and Castle Park

Monday, 8 September.

We arrived at Bristol coach station at around 5 pm. We walked to our hotel and had a bit of a rest.

The kids decided to watch tv. They had to figure out how to turn on the tv by themselves….


We then went out to get something to eat. At around 7 pm, the area close to our hotel was already quiet… Everything was closed except for pubs, so we went to a minimarket to buy food. We went back to our hotel and had sandwiches in our room.

Tuesday, 9 September.

Papai went out early for a meeting at the University of Bristol and a conference at the Engineers House.

What about Mamae, Carla and Renan? Well, since the hotel had a guest laundry room, the first thing we did was to do the laundry…. Very important! We had mountains of dirty clothes waiting to be washed.

While waiting for the laundry to be done, we went to Temple Gardens, located at the back of our hotel. The garden, with the grass, tall trees, colourful flowers, and church ruins, was so beautiful, charming and peaceful. The kids enjoyed playing there.

image  image

You can see the ruins of the church, called Temple Church, in this photo. The original church was built by the Knights Templar in the mid 12th century.


We played for around one hour, then went back to the hotel to get our laundry. After that, we went out to have lunch in Broadmead shopping centre.

Carla and Renan loved to play on the big blue balls.

image  image

We walked around a bit in the shopping centre, and then we went to Castle Park. It was a very sunny and warm day. You know, before we went to England, everyone told us, “Bring umbrellas and raincoats”, “It’s always grey there”, “It rains a lot there”, but… we stayed in England for two weeks, and we had two whole weeks of sun, except one morning in Manchester when we had half an hour of slight drizzle. I guess we were lucky…. 😉

image  image

This is a ruined St. Peter’s Church, located in the middle of the park. The lower tower was built in the 12th century, and the rest of the church was built in the 15th century.


Taken from

Taken from

What a beautiful day! Perfect for relaxing on the grass….


We went back to the hotel to rest and have some snacks. Papai came back at around 7, and we all went out for dinner. We stopped at Temple Gardens to take some pictures.


This photo was taken by Carla….


… And this photo was taken by Renan.


We went to a pub called The Stag and Hounds in the Old Market Quarter. We had quite a yummy burger (or Krabby Patty, according to Carla) with chips. Too bad Renan fell asleep before the food came out.


After dinner, we walked back to the hotel, and went to sleep immediately.

…To be continued….


11 thoughts on “Bristol: Temple Gardens and Castle Park

    • Wah, jarang2 ada yang pengen ke Bristol… Biasanya kan pada pengen ke London… Emang ada alasan tertentu, Mak Indah? Tapi aku rekomendasikan banget Bristol, kotanya cantik banget, banyak bangunan kuno, menarik banget pokoknya…. Tunggu postingan tentang Bristol berikutnya ya 😉

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