London Calling…. Day Two

Sunday, 7 September.

Our second day in London. We got up early in the morning, got ready, and crossed the road to Euston station. After having breakfast in a cafe nearby, we took the tube from Euston to London Bridge.

Carla and Renan were so excited that we were going to London Bridge. “Just like the song!” they said.


It took us less than fifteen minutes to reach London Bridge station. We went straight to the bridge (London Bridge!) to take some pictures.

Here we are, on the famous London Bridge. Carla was feeling a bit sleepy after the tube ride.


We then walked to the direction of Tower Bridge. We took a lot of photos of the kids with the iconic bridge in the background.

image  image


We crossed the bridge and went to the Tower of London. We had cakes and coffee in a cafe nearby, and then we just walked around in the area. We didn’t go inside the tower. We had decided to just go sightseeing today since there were so many places to visit and so little time.

There was an art installation at the tower, called Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, to mark the one hundred years since the first full day of Britain’s involvement in the First World War. The red mass you see in the picture on the right is hundreds of thousands of ceramic poppies. Until 11 November, 888,246 poppies will progressively fill the tower’s moat. Each poppy represents a British military fatality in the First World War.

image image

From the Tower of London, we took the tube to see Big Ben, London Eye and the Parliament. Looking back, maybe we should have walked there, instead of taking the tube. It would have taken us maybe one hour to get there. It took us almost one hour just to walk between tube stations since most stations where we wanted to take the tube were closed!

Anyway, we ended up in Waterloo station. After having a chicken and chips lunch in the nearest fast food restaurant, we walked to the direction of Westminster Bridge.

We walked past Big Ben, London Eye…. It was so crowded, full of tourists doing touristy things like us…..

image  image

We kept strolling, going past Palace of Westminster… At this point, Renan was already asleep….


…. This is Westminster Abbey….

imageFinally we reached St. James’s Park. We had a rest a bit there. Carla was so happy to see birds and ducks and geese and swans.


And squirrels! A lot of cute squirrels! Look at this mama squirrel…. (Carla and Renan asked me to put this picture here).


Carla found a small but nice playground in the park, and soon she was busy playing. After we finally managed to take her out of the playground, we crossed the street to Buckingham Palace.

To be honest, the palace didn’t look too… majestic compared to let’s say Chateau de Versailles or even some of the buildings we saw on the way there. I’m sure it’s beautiful inside, though… After all, it’s the London residence and principal workplace of the Queen.

image  image

We then decided to go back to the hotel. We were on the way to Victoria station, when we found a Chinese restaurant. Renan, although enjoying the holiday, was missing food in Singapore and was not eating well. So, when he woke up to find a bowl of chicken noodle soup and Singapore-style chicken satays in front of him, he was so happy! Look at him… Poor guy!


We took the tube to Euston from Victoria, and went straight to our hotel.

Monday, 8 September.

We were going to take a coach to Bristol in the afternoon. The coach was scheduled to leave from Victoria coach station at 2.30 pm, so we still had time to enjoy London a bit more.

We had breakfast at Speedy’s. Those of you who are fans of BBC’s Sherlock are no doubt familiar with the exterior of the cafe, since it’s been featured regularly in the show.


The interior of the cafe was featured in the episode A Scandal in Belgravia from the second season.


This is a picture of Sherlock Holmes waiting patiently for his breakfast 😛

image  image

After having breakfast, we went to British Museum. It took us around fifteen minutes to walk to the museum. On the way there, we saw one of Britain’s beloved icons…. It’s the red telephone box! Of course we had to take a picture of it….


This is the back entrance to the museum….


What a beautiful museum! Carla was amazed. “We are on the moon! Outside the dome, we can’t breathe!” she said.

image  image


We didn’t see much of the museum’s amazing collections since we had to leave the museum at around 1 pm. We still wanted to enjoy the place, but we really had to go.

We went back to the hotel to get our luggage, and went to Euston station to take the tube to Victoria station.

If you go by tube to Victoria tube station to catch a coach from Victoria coach station, make sure you have plenty of time. We thought they were next to each other, but no, it took us around fifteen minutes to walk to the coach station, with our bags and luggage and kids in tow, and it was not that easy to find our way there. When we finally got there, it was almost time to board the coach, and soon we were on our way to Bristol.

Bye London… Hope we’ll see you again someday….

Visit our blog again soon to read about our adventures in Bristol!


13 thoughts on “London Calling…. Day Two

  1. It’s funny how they miss the food from home. Ours are good eaters but they always prefer the familiar when they’re on holiday. You’re in a good place in London, though- plenty of variety! Glad he got a full meal he could get into.

    (On the rest – I feel tired just thinking about what you packed in that day!)

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