London Calling…. Day One

Saturday, 6 September.

The past four days were fantastic, but finally it was time to say goodbye to Manchester and hello to London…

We took the train to London. We stayed there for two (and a half) days.

We arrived at Euston train station around lunch time. We quickly checked into our hotel which was located right in front of the station, and went for lunch. Initially we went to Speedy’s Cafe and Sandwich Bar that was just around the corner from our hotel, but it was already closed for that day. So we just took some photos in front of the cafe and went somewhere else for lunch.

Anyone knows why it was so important for us (ok, for Mamae) to take pictures of this small cafe (and the black door next to it)? πŸ˜‰


Anyway, after lunch we went back to the hotel to relax and think about what to do today. It was already around 3 in the afternoon and we didn’t want the kids to get too tired, so we decided to go Regent’s Park which was not too far from the hotel. It took us around 20 minutes to walk (slowly) there.

What a beautiful park!

imageΒ  image

Carla and Renan, who were a bit tired from the trip, quickly found a new burst of energy when they saw the park. They ran around chasing birds, rolled on the grass, played hide and seek…

Look! A nice spot for hiding….


After a few hours playing in the park, they started to get tired….

It was nice to sit on the fallen leaves….


… Or on the soft grass….


Look! Β A squirrel! Β Carla and Renan were thrilled to see this cute and friendly squirrel…. It actually followed us around, asking for food. In Singapore, usually squirrels would not get too close to people.


Regent’s Park is huge, and we only managed to explore a small area of it, but we had so much fun.

We went back to the hotel before the kids got too tired, stopping on the way to buy Indian food for dinner (and Indian sweets, we love Indian sweets).

So what did we do on our second day in London? Wait for our next post!


15 thoughts on “London Calling…. Day One

  1. We only went to Hyde Park on our recent trip there but I couldn’t help but think how much fun kids would have had in the park there! Then again, London definitively needs those big parks πŸ™‚

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