Manchester Day One-Three: Manchester Museum, John Rylands Library

Day One, Tuesday 2 September.


It’s 7.30 in the evening. We are in our hotel in Manchester. Carla and Renan are already asleep, Papai is working on his laptop, and Mamae is writing this post…. We started our trip on 1 September from Singapore. Singapore to London was quite easy, we took a direct flight, the kids were in a good mood and slept a lot during the flight, and Mamae managed to get a decent amount of sleep plus watch X-Men uninterrupted…. Heathrow airport to London Euston was rather crazy but not too bad either….

We took the tube and it took us quite a long time to reach Euston. Renan fell asleep, Carla almost fell asleep too, and we found ourselves in the middle of a carriage full of people and I wondered how we could get off the tube, with a lot of bags and luggage, and sleeping kids… But we managed to get to Euston just in time to catch the train to Manchester. The train trip was fun, the kids were wide awake and really enjoyed their first (real) train ride. We settled in nicely in our comfortable hotel room, but we were too tired to go out and explore the city. We are going to do that tomorrow….

Day Two, Wednesday 3 September.

Today we went for a walk at the university of Manchester. At 10 o’clock Papai had to go for a meeting at the university, while Mamae, Carla and Renan went to Manchester Museum.

The kids have visited a lot of museums in Singapore, Brazil, Indonesia, and they were particularly very impressed with Melbourne Museum when we went to Australia last year, but they still enjoyed Manchester Museum.

The museum was not too big…. Maybe that’s what the kids liked about it. It was easy to go around in the museum, and we could see a lot of different things in a short period of time.

Look! A giant spider crab!


Carla and Renan enjoyed looking at the stuffed animals and guessing their names.

image image

They enjoyed the vivarium the most, where they could watch frogs and tadpoles. Carla thought the tadpoles were super cute!


We also saw ancient artefacts, and even an Egyptian mummy.

After that, we went to Whitworth Park, not far from the museum. Wherever we travel, it’s always important for us to stay not too far from a park. Playing in the park always solves a lot of problems! If they are bored, or cranky, or (not too) tired, or can’t stop fighting, or get hyperactive, just bring them to the park!

image image

Day Three, Thursday 4 September.

We went to John Rylands library today. We took the free metroshuttle bus there. The free bus system was fantastic!


We came just in time for a storytelling session. It was more than storytelling, actually, since there were also songs and games. At first Carla and Renan were a bit shy, but soon they were laughing, clapping, singing along… It was a good idea to join the storytelling session. They were not going to come to school for two weeks, so I think it was nice for them to do something that reminded them of school. It was fun too!


After the storytelling session, we had a tour of the library. The neo-gothic architecture was so beautiful.


I felt like we were in Hogwarts!


We had lunch in a restaurant close to the library, and took the free bus back to the hotel. Papai had to go to the university, so Carla, Renan and Mamae went to a park even closer to our hotel. I forgot the name of the park. It was quite small, but nice, and the kids had fun playing there.

We played for more than one hour, then we went back to the hotel.

image image

Another post about our holiday in Manchester is coming soon….


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