MacRitchie Reservoir Park


Last week we went to MacRitchie Reservoir Park for the first time. For some reasons, we were never too keen to go there. I’m glad we finally visited the place, it’s beautiful.

We had a look at the map and decided to follow a walking trail. There are several walking trails there, described as easy, moderate, moderate to difficult, and difficult. With two small kids in tow, we chose the easy one. We were not there to do serious hiking. Our idea was to walk around a bit, let the kids play while we sit and relax, and just enjoy the day.

Taken from

Taken from

We let Carla and Renan play a bit by the pond.


And we started our walk.


This is the zig zag bridge. The kids loved to play in the open space around it.


There are a lot of benches all over the park. Carla and Mamae decided to take a rest a bit, and took a selfie….


We then kept walking all the way to the boardwalk….


… stopping from time to time to let the kids play and to enjoy the view.



Unfortunately we came at the park at around midday, and it was unbelievably hot. We managed to walk around for maybe three hours and then had to go back since it was just too hot.

We went to Mushroom cafe, located not far from the entrance of the park, and had some fresh coconut water. Felt much better after that! We also had some snacks. You should try their fried mushrooms! They were seriously yummy… so juicy and tasty, despite their somewhat unappetizing appearance :P.

We plan to come back to MacRitchie Reservoir Park soon… but either we go on a cloudy day, or a bit later in the afternoon when it’s not too hot ;).




9 thoughts on “MacRitchie Reservoir Park

  1. Hi, thank you for this blog. May I ask the pond at Macritchie is located at which part? We walked from multistorey opposite Mount Alvernia and couldnt locate it.

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