Yesterday we went to Horsecity. It’s just off Dunearn road, not too far from where we live.

The first time my husband and I came to Singapore, we lived close to Horsecity, at that time it was called Turf Club if I’m not mistaken. It was like living in the middle of nowhere! I remember there was nothing there, just empty spaces and a rundown shopping centre, but nowadays the place is bustling with activity. There are many things that you can do there… Eat out, yoga, capoeira, gymnastics, tennis, golf for kids, and horse riding, of course. There are also futsal courts, a spa, a dance studio, an art studio, and the rundown shopping centre has been completely refurbished. It is now called The Grandstand and it has a lot of cafes, restaurants, interesting shops and activity centres.

We had an early lunch, or a late breakfast at Roundhouse Pizza, Bar & Grill in Horsecity. The food was good, and they had a buffet for children, with pizza, pasta, sausages, chips, and fruit juice.

image  image

After the breakfast/lunch, we went to feed a pony and a donkey. We bought a small bag of chopped carrots for $2 at a stall nearby. The kids enjoyed feeding the animals.

image  image

Now it’s time for a pony ride! For $10, kids above 2 can ride a pony, accompanied by a handler. Horsecity also offers riding lessons, trail rides and carriage rides.

.image  image

Horsecity is quite a nice place to go for a walk. We felt like we were in the countryside, not in the middle of the city.


image  image

We let the kids run around and explore the area for more than half an hour, and then we went to The Grandstand. We had some ice cream and snacks in Treehouse cafe. The nice thing about the cafe is that it has an indoor play area. Carla and Renan ate their ice cream quickly and then went off to play, giving Papai and Mamae time to relax and enjoy our ice cream and snacks!


For more information, click:


The Grandstand

Roundhouse Pizza, Bar & Grill

Treehouse Cafe




8 thoughts on “Horsecity

  1. Seems like a fun place for family weekend and lots of bonding. Thank you for sharing your memories.

  2. What a fun way to bring the country to the city! Horsecity looks very well maintained & sounds safe for kids. Thanks for sharing!

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