Review-How to Catch a Star

Taken from

Taken from

Today Carla and Mamae went to see a theatre production for children, How to Catch a Star.

We arrived at the venue around 15 minutes before the show started, and we immediately went inside.

It was quite a nice surprise to see the cast members, from the acclaimed children’s theatre company Blunderbus, mingling with the audience, talking and joking around with the young theatregoers before taking to the stage.

The show was very entertaining. The story, adapted from Oliver Jeffers’ book,  was very simple, but they added a lot of things that made the show fun and interesting. There were only three actors on the stage, one actor played “the boy”, and two others played “the invisible star keepers”. There were music, puppetry, a lot of interaction with the audience and also a lot of funny moments that left everyone howling with laughter. Oh, there was water squirting too! The audience in the first five rows got squirted quite a lot, but when the rest of us thought that we were safe, the “invisible star keepers” started to run around the theatre and squirted everyone!

Carla told me on the way home that she had enjoyed the show so much. She said she’d like to go to all theatre productions for children in Singapore. That would surely break the bank… Maybe we can go to one or two more shows this year, Carla, not all!

Here is a picture of us with the cast members. Too bad it’s a bit blurry. Don’t worry if Carla didn’t look too happy…. She was just not ready yet to get the picture taken. We had to do it quickly since there were a lot of people also wanting to take pictures with the cast members.


Today is the last day of the show, but if you are interested in watching a theatre production with your kids, Ace! Festival 2014 is coming this May. It’s a collection of theatre performances, workshops and activities for 3-14 year olds. You can find more information about the festival here.






4 thoughts on “Review-How to Catch a Star

  1. Great review. From Carla’s response saying that she would like to go to all theatre performances in Singapore, I’m convinced that the show was really entertaining.

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