Westgate Wonderland- Singapore’s Largest Free Outdoor Playground


We were so excited when last year we found out that an outdoor playground, said to be the largest in Singapore, was being built in Westgate, a new mall in Jurong East.

It opened in February this year, but we were on holiday in Indonesia. Now we are back in Singapore, and yesterday Carla, Renan and Mamae finally went there.

The kids didn’t go to school yesterday, so we went there before 11 in the morning. It was very quiet with very few people around. It’s huge! There are so many things to do there, and there are different areas for kids of all ages. We first went to the babies/younger kids area.

imageimage  kodok

There are interactive play structures with puzzles and a musical instrument, giant frog and bugs, also musical flowers there. Renan enjoyed solving the puzzles, and Carla enjoyed climbing on the big ladybird. Both of them enjoyed tapping the musical flowers to play music.

After spending some time there, Carla wanted something more challenging, so we went to the treehouse.

The treehouse is quite high, 10 meter. There is a wall for climbing next to it and you can see a green slide outside.


This is the inside of the treehouse. Carla couldn’t stop climbing and sliding.


Renan didn’t want to climb, and decided instead to swing around and pretend to be a monkey inside the treehouse. Lots of things to keep the kids active here!


The treehouse is connected to another climbing structure, also with a big slide.

image  image

Look! It’s Spider-Carla!


The treehouse is supposed to be for kids aged 5 and above. For younger kids, there is a smaller climbing structure, inside a giant flower pot!


There are some musical flowers next to the flower pot.


There is also a water play area. It looked fun, but we didn’t try it yesterday. Next time, okay, kids?

image  image

We all had a great time there. We’ll come back for sure, especially since Westgate is not too far from where we live. Maybe next time we’ll go in the evening, since there are special lighting and sound effects in the playground at night.

You really should bring your kids to this playground. I’m sure they’ll enjoy it. It could be crowded at the weekend, so it’s better to come on a weekday, if you can.

It’s located on level 4, Westgate. The mall is right next to Jurong East MRT station/bus interchange.

Admission is FREE!





8 thoughts on “Westgate Wonderland- Singapore’s Largest Free Outdoor Playground

  1. Unluckily aku baru baca ini after our visit to Singapore 😦
    Kalau tau ada iniii, anakku & keponakan2 kuboyong semua kesini. Gratisnya itu yg aku syuka hahaha..

    Btw, r u Indonesian who stays in singapore or… ?

    • Buanyaak banget di sini yang gratisan… Kita sekeluarga kalau jalan-jalan seringnya ke tempat-tempat yang gratisan gini, ngirit, hehe… Iya, aku dari Malang, tinggal di sini sejak akhir 2006….

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