KidsFest Singapore 2014 – What the Ladybird Heard


Last Saturday Carla and Mamae went to see What the Ladybird Heard, a theatre production for kids that was shown as part of KidsFest, a three-week festival of world-class theatre for young people.

We took a taxi to go to DBS Arts Centre. The performance was going to start at 12 noon. We left our flat at 10.30, but we had to wait for the taxi for a long time, and then we were caught in a traffic jam. Luckily we managed to arrive there ten minutes before it started.

We sat at the front row on the second level. It was going to be our first time watching a theatre production, so we were rather nervous, but super excited!

Carla standing in front of her seat, after the show.

Carla standing in front of her seat, after the show.

At exactly 12 o’ clock, the perfomance started. It was based on a book written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Lydia Monks. The story went like this…. Two thieves had a cunning plan to steal the farmer’s fine prize cow, but a ladybird found out about it, and devised a plan of her own. Together with a hen, a duck, a goose, a sheep, a hog, a horse, a dog, two cats and the cow, she foiled the thieves’ plan. A short, simple story. But what a show! It was amazing. The actor-musicians were great. There were puppetry, live music, dance, lots of laugh, and plenty of actions!

The show lasted for one hour and we sang, clapped, shouted, and just laughed and laughed from start to finish. Carla even danced too! So much fun.

When it was over, I asked Carla, “So, what do you think about the show?” and she said, “Perfect”. Well, it was impressive indeed, better that I thought it would be.

KidsFest is still on until 1st February, so if you are interested, hurry and get your tickets asap! They cost $42-$62, which I found expensive, but totally worth it.

For more information, click KidsFest – World-Class Theatre for Young People.



10 thoughts on “KidsFest Singapore 2014 – What the Ladybird Heard

  1. I can imagine how kids like Carla would not only watch but also “be there” on stage. Should be awesome! Two thumbs up for the event and the parents who took their children to the show. 🙂

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