ArtPlay, ArtPlay Playground, Yarra River

Another article about Melbourne…. There were so many things to do, so many places to visit during our two week stay there, it’s impossible to write just one article about everything.

So, other places that we went to in Melbourne…..


We were walking around close to Federation Square when we noticed a red brick warehouse-like building with a bright orange door.



We decided to go inside… And we were pleasantly surprised to find that it was a chidren’s art centre. I talked to the friendly staff who explained that they had visual arts, theater and music workshops and performances, storytelling and exhibitions for children. A lot of them were free, but for most, bookings were necessary. Luckily, that morning there was one event in the art studio that was free and didn’t require bookings.

The art studio was a big room with some colourful buckets hanging from the ceiling. Inside the buckets were markers, glue sticks, scissors, colourful paper, small pieces of cloth, yarns, feathers…. Children were invited to create their own artworks using the materials provided. Carla and Renan spent around half an hour cutting paper, drawing, colouring, pasting things on the paper and pieces of cloth. They could bring their artworks home, but they chose to hang them together with many other artworks made by other children to create a huge colourful display. You can see it in the second picture below.

image  image

ArtPlay Playground

There’s a playground next to ArtPlay building. It was quite big and nice. The kids loved it! We went there a few times during our stay in Melbourne.

image  image

image  image

Yarra River

ArtPlay and the playground are located next to Yarra river. It was always nice to go for a walk along the river, to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the river and Melbourne city skyline.




We love Melbourne!


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