Bishan Park-Pond Gardens

Last Saturday we went to Bishan Park. The park has two parts, Pond Gardens and River Plains, divided by Marymount Road. We only explored Pond Gardens since we started quite late in the afternoon and didn’t have enough time to go to River Plains.

We started at the Lotus Pond. It was so relaxing to just sit there enjoying the scenery.

image image


Next, we went to the playground. The kids, especially Carla, really enjoyed playing there.

image image

We then went down to the river. It was so beautiful. But, do you know that it was once a concrete canal? The government started the project to transform the canal into a naturalised river in 2009, and it was completed in 2011.

Here is a picture of the concrete canal in 2009.


And this is the transformed river.


Amazing, isn’t it?

We walked along the river a bit, the kids played on the riverbank, then we went all the way to the cleansing biotope. It’s an area planted with selective aquatic plants that can treat water effectively and naturally.


Treated water from the cleansing biotope goes to the large pond next to it and to the water playground. The kids enjoyed playing in the water playground so much.

image image

It was getting dark when we finally managed to get the kids out of the water playground. We walked to a hawker center close to the park to have dinner, and then we went home. Next time we will go to the other part of Bishan Park, the River Plains.


14 thoughts on “Bishan Park-Pond Gardens

    • Makanya, aku sebagai ibu yang hemat dan rajin menabung sukanya ngajak anak-anak ke tempat-tempat gratisan kayak gini, hehehe… Sila baca-baca blog ini kalau ada waktu, hampir semua tempat yang aku tulis gratisan atau kalau harus bayar ya gak mahal:)

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