Longkang Fishing at Qian Hu Fish Farm

Having seen people fishing in various locations in Singapore (yes, sometimes right next to a “no fishing” sign), Carla wanted to try catching fish too. So, we decided to go longkang fishing.

After doing a quick research on the internet, we went to Qian Hu Fish Farm. We took the MRT to Choa Chu Kang interchange and then we hopped on the free shuttle bus that took us straight to the farm.

Once we arrived, we went around a bit to see the fish in the ponds and in the tanks.



Carla couldn’t wait to go fishing, so we went straight to the longkang fishing area. We paid $6 at the counter for half an hour of longkang fishing. Carla got a small tank and a small net to catch the fish. The net was really small, so small that I wasn’t so sure we’d get any fish.

Carla and Mamae went straight to work, while Papai went to have a fish spa. Renan was asleep on Papai’s lap.


It was not that easy to catch the fish! Carla managed to catch four tired looking fish after some time, and Mamae managed to catch only one.

Papai turned out to be a pro, though! When he was done having a fish spa, he came over and helped Carla catch a lot of fish. Renan who just woke up was quite happy to watch.


Look at our fish!


You might be wondering why Carla was all wet. Well, yes, she managed to fall head first in the pond, quite spectacularly, splashing water everywhere and sending her sandals flying in the air! Luckily she wasn’t hurt and was still in good spirits after the incident. Brave Carla actually just laughed it off and continued fishing.

We managed to catch around twenty fish to bring home! We bought a small bottle of fish food, had some ice cream at the cafe and then we took the free shuttle bus back to Choa Chu Kang interchange. What a fun day!


10 thoughts on “Longkang Fishing at Qian Hu Fish Farm

  1. It’s expensive fishing without the fishing rod. Btw long-long time ago, when I worked at an office in Batam, I stayed almost 2 months in SGP to transfer work application from HQ to Batam. I occasionally went there either with friends & family for vacation.

  2. I didn’t know Qian Hu has fishing. Is half hour sufficient for the kids? Usually when I bring my kids for fishing at bottle tree or pasir ris, they can stay fishing for 2 hours!

  3. When it comes to fishing or playing with fish I guess I’ll just leave it to my husband. I have this Ichthyophobia/fish phobia. The only fish species I’d gladly touch is fish filet πŸ˜€

  4. Nothing beats the fun of getting wet in a pond :). Though its the washing clothes part that isn’t fun πŸ˜› (for me as a mother ^^’). (y)

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