Farmart Centre

Some time ago we went to Farmart Centre. I’m just going to write a bit about it since I actually didn’t find it too nice, but the kids had fun, and there was a nice surprise in the end.

Anyway…. Farmart Centre is a place where you can see and feed some animals, go prawn fishing, and buy fresh produce at the shops. There are also a hawker centre and a restaurant.

We went there mainly because the kids wanted to see and feed farm animals. There is an animal corner where you can feed animals, but if you think you’d be able to see cute baby animals playing freely in the open then you’d be disappointed.

The animal corner was tiny and the animals were caged. There were rabbits, goats and birds in cages, turtles, fish and frogs in the ponds. The ponds were quite dirty.

The kids were very happy though! They really enjoyed feeding the animals.


After feeding the animals, we went around a bit to see the shops. There are quite a number of shops there, and they are not only selling fresh produce. We found a pet shop and a shop selling water features there, among others.

We then decided to go home, since there were nothing else to do, or so we thought. On the way out, we saw some colourful birds. Carla wanted to feed the birds, so we paid 50 cents for some seeds. After feeding the birds, the uncle there asked us if we’d like to watch the birds doing some tricks. That was the nice surprice I was talking about! The cute and smart birds did a lot of tricks, like playing basketball, putting coins in a piggybank, pulling a cart….

We all had so much fun watching the birds! The kids wanted to watch the tricks over and over again and the friendly uncle was more than happy to oblige.


It might be worth coming here just to see the birds. Farmart Centre is easily accessible, even if you don’t have a car. Just take the shuttle bus that will bring you straight there from Choa Chu Kang MRT station. It costs $1 per trip.

I’m going to upload videos of the birds soon…. So, stay tuned!


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