Free Outdoor Playground and Rooftop Water Feature in VivoCity


There are a lot of free playgrounds in Singapore. The free outdoor playground in VivoCity is one of the most popular.

The playground is located on the second floor of the mall. It’s quite big.

There are slides, climbing structures and a lot of other things to keep the kids busy and happy!

vivo15  vivo6

Our favourite is this “teletubby hill”… A super big slide covered with artificial grass.


There is also a place where the kids can ride small cars, scooters or toy horses. They cost $5 for a 5 minute ride. Look at Renan, driving his first jeep!


Besides the playground, there is also a big rooftop water feature/wading pool in VivoCity. The kids just love playing in the wading pool.

vivo2  vivo1

You know, they even learned to walk there! This is Renan when he just turned 1 year old in 2012.


And this is Carla, also just turned 1 year old, in 2010.

vivo13  vivo12

So, if you haven’t been here before, you should definitely come and check this playground out!


9 thoughts on “Free Outdoor Playground and Rooftop Water Feature in VivoCity

  1. Have you tried the tray toboggans? Sometimes behind a nearby bin you can find a few plastic fast food restaurant trays. They make the grass hill extra slidey.

    I do love the recent updates to this playground – the equipment they replaced a month or two back was all good decisions.

    • Tray toboggans sound fun. Will try them next time we go there. Thanks for the tip!
      The playground looks nice, but I thought there were more things before the renovation? Or not? Can’t remember:p

      • The trays aren’t always there… but maybe 75% of the time yes. (My son tried to ask one of the nearby food places one time when they weren’t there and obviously didn’t get very far…)

        My memory may not be accurate, but in my mind there were about the same number of things, but the new things are things my kids like to play with more. There might actually have been a couple more before, but to me it seems like there’s more now just because my kids find the new stuff more accessible. Some people are probably having the opposite experience!

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